Your Vegan Holiday Survival Guide

Whether you celebrate all the “usual” holidays or reject them all together and create your own, or something in-between chances are you will be celebrating something with someone in the next month or so. If you are lucky the celebrations will at least be vegan friendly by default. More likely, you (or you and your immediate family) will be the only vegans in attendance. Here are 5 posts from our archives that highlight how we manage during the holiday season and/or while visiting our non-vegan family.

Eating Vegan On A Road Trip

Planning Is KeyDo your holiday plans include taking a road trip? I find I’m much more likely to eat things that I shouldn’t eat if I haven’t made a plan and I am left having to find food while I’m out and about. This is even more true when we are on a road trip. This is a time when Nana Kwaku are subject to succumb to the french fry craving. By planning ahead you can eat vegan or even raw AND have a great taste adventure.

Get Ready For Uncle Ruckus

uncle-ruckusMost of us have an Uncle Ruckus in our family or community. Someone who is generally negative, critical. This person (male or female) will talk about you and the way you eat in a negative and disrespectful way.  They may make rude statements at meal times. “What?! Are you too good to eat meat now?” They may call you out and embarrass you. They may seem to feel like it’s their mission to save you by getting you to eat something animal. “Hey Ama, you better eat that chicken before you waste away!” Here is how to handle your Uncle Ruckus.

Don’t Be A Vegangelist (Vegan Evangelist)

vegangelismIt is very common to become a “Vegangelist” when you first make the transition to a vegetarian/vegan/live food lifestyle. When you have discovered the power of a vegan or living food lifestyle and seen the changes in your life and the lives of others you want to spread the good news to all of your friends and family. Unfortunately many if not all of them will NOT be interested in hearing about your new discovery.

As hard as it is, it is important to refrain from becoming the Vegan Police or Vegan Evangelist. Otherwise you may find your friends and family begin to shun you. You may find yourself uninvited to gatherings and meals. The very people you care so much about may shut you out.

Redefining Soul Food

SoulFoodJunkiesFor many of us the holidays means Soul Food. What is soul food? What makes a meal soul food? Why do many of us have such a powerful connection to soul food? Does adopting a vegan lifestyle mean no more soul food? In the documentary Soul Food Junkies, award-winning documentary film maker Byron Hurt searches for answers to these questions.

If tradition, the company of friends of family, the sharing of stories and love, life milestones and holidays are an important part of our soul food tradition, what can we do to recreate that same feeling without committing Nutricide as Liala Afrika described in his book by the same name?

Ten Tips For Eating Healthy While Traveling

Happy Healthy Family on VacationThe winter holiday season is one of the busiest travel times and people all around are making their travel plans. When you are committed to eating healthy it is important to include what and where you will eat in your planning. This is even more important if you have recently changed you diet. It is all too easy to fall back on old patterns and revert to unhealthy choices if you aren’t prepared. These ten tips can help you find food while you travel and have the food you need while you are there.

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Now lets hear from you. What tips do you have?

Be sure to share this with anyone you know who needs some help surviving in this season of family gatherings.

Travel safe!


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