Why Eating Vegan Is More Important Than Ever

By Nana Kwaku Opare MD, MPH, CA and Ama Opare BS, MA, MA

A vegan diet is the only diet consistent with long-term health and vitality. The scientific and public health evidence has been overwhelmingly clear for decades. Consumption of all forms of animal products are the primary causative factor of fifteen out of sixteen causes of morbidity and mortality in the US as detailed in this YouTube video by More Than an Apple a Day: Preventing Our Most Common Diseases, and increasingly worldwide especially in Afrika. As our consumption of these products has increased in today’s society, so has the incidence of disease, disability and the death that results. This nutritional catastrophe has shown greater impact on people of Afrikan descent.

Today this is an even more critical issue. The total disregard the mega corporations have for public safety and health, has made our food supply increasingly dangerous. Our food supply is increasingly processed, tainted with pesticides,  preservatives, heavy metals, radiation, Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO), and artificial ingredients. The animals that are on our dinner tables are tortured, disease ridden, full of artificial hormones, antibiotics, and pesticides. The human form of Mad Cow disease, transmitted to us through the animal products we eat, is due to the forced cannibalistic and carnivorous swill they’re fed. GMO’s which were largely and inadequately untested prior to release are wrecking havoc on our health. Add to that the ongoing Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan that is still pouring alarming levels of deadly radioactive material into the ocean and the air and we have a global health disaster  of unprecedented proportions on our hands.

The  nutricidal diet we eat has led to increases in diabetes, hearth disease, high blood pressure, impotence, infertility, cancer, obesity, Alzheimer’s, thyroid problems, intestinal problems, allergies, etc, etc. If we expect survive not to speak of prosper we cannot continue to blindly eat whatever we see on TV or in magazines no matter how enticing it looks or tastes.

Let us not throw up our hands and say “I gotta die somehow.” Running to your MD who knows very little about nutrition is not the answer. More drugs and surgery are not the answer. Let’s remember that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. We have the power to heal ourselves. If given a chance our body can clean itself of the toxins and substances that are damaging it. But in order to do that, we must stop poisoning ourselves. There is only so much our system can handle. We have to give our body what it needs in the form of high quality organic fresh fruits and vegetables. The more of it you consume raw the better.

Before we delude ourselves in to thinking all we have to do is eat more veggies let’s not forget it is also essential to do other things to create health.  We must get plenty of sleep, exercise, fresh air, sunshine, drink plenty of water, spiritual practice, right livelihood, living on purpose, etc. These things Dr. Opare outlines in his ground breaking and must read book The Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy Living.

If you want to be healthy and raise healthy children it is more important than ever that you educate yourself about what is really going on. This means looking past what the mass media is feeding us —  what the mega corporations want us to believe. There are sources out there that will tell you the truth. Here are some recommendations.

To learn more about Dr. Opare’s rules for healthy living and his approach to health read The Rule Book and User Guide For Healthy Living available in Kindle format.

For a resource about what our natural diet as Afrikans is read The Kemetic Diet: Food For Body, Mind and Soul by Muata Ashby.

Get information about the Fukushima disaster at the Global Research website.

To learn more about the problems with dairy and why you should avoid all dairy products read Whitewash by Joseph Keon

For information on the impact of GMOs watch Genetic Roulette on YouTube, or purchase a copy.
On the relationship between animal products and disease read the China Study by T. Collin Campbell

Watch Forks Over Knives for more information about the link between our food, factory farms and our health.

In today’s society where greed and disregard for the well being of the people you MUST take responsibility for your own survival. Because not only do #blacklivesmatter, but because #yourlifematters. We need everyone to do their part to restoring our people to the strong, healthy, and powerful people we are meant to be.
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