Who Are The Black Vegetarians?

Ok, I think things are beginning to get back to normal in our life. All injuries are healing. Major projects are winding down. My energy and ability to focus on all things Food For The Soul is beginning to picking up. Sooooo… I have decided to participate again in VeganMoFo, the Vegan Month of Food. This annual month-long celebration of veganism is during the month of September. During this time bloggers from all around the world will post everyday (or as close to that as possible) about something vegan related.

I would love to have your participation. One part of my VeganMoFo-ing will be focused on who we are as Afrikan (Black) vegetarians. I already have a number of interviews here on the site with some more well-known Afrikan vegans such as Aris Latham, Dr. Kirt Tyson, Tracye McQuirter, Breeze Harper, Charlotte Hill and some local Atlanta folks like Aba Bailey, Queen Vida and Vanya Francis and of course Nana Kwaku. I will very soon add Queen Afua to the list. My goal is to continue to add Black Vegetarians both well know and less known to bring a well-rounded view of who we are as Black Vegetarians in all our variations.

Now I want to add YOU! This way we will learn about the variety of Black Vegetarians from around the world. We will be able to see that we are not so alone or so weird as we may sometimes feel.

I have created a SurveyMonkey survey asking you the same questions I ask everyone I interview.  The deadline to reply is Friday, August 22, 2014. Each week in September I will compile all the responses to one or more of the questions and post them here at Food For The Soul. I will include first names and ages only of participants along with the comments.

You will also have a chance to talk about the work you are doing if it pertains to the health and well-being of our Afrikan brothers and sisters. I will share these as well to help spread the work about the important work we are all doing.

I also welcome your more creative answers to these questions. Make a video (here is mine). Compose and record a song. Write a poem. Create a work of art. You can email me these creations and I’ll include them as well. You can send me your photo to and I will create another image like the one above on this page that includes YOU! Email to foodforthesoul at

Here again is the link to the survey: I will also email out the survey to folks on our email list.

So let’s get started! I can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say.

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Take the Survey

Take this ten question survey and tell us about your Black Vegetarian experience. Your responses will be compiled with other responders and included in future blog posts.

Deadline to participate is August 22, 2014

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