Where To Get Vegan Meal Inspiration

No matter if you’re new to the vegan lifestyle or you’ve been at it for many years like me, chances are that from time to time you’re looking for tasty vegan meal inspiration. When you’re new you probably don’t know what’s possible and you are looking for ideas for what to eat as a vegan. As a vegan veteran I find I get bored with my usual recipes from time to time. I get in a rut, making the same recipes over and over again. No matter which is true for you, here are my favorite YouTube channels for where to get vegan meal inspiration.

Having healthy food you LOVE to eat is vital to creating a healthy vegan lifestyle that you enjoy and can maintain for the long-term. That’s why Kitchen Mastery and developing Kitchen Confidence is one of the Four Pillars Of Success that I focus on with my Vegan Lifestyle Coaching clients. Knowing where to get ongoing meal inspiration is one part of creating your Kitchen Mastery/Confidence.

I love international food. Dishes from Asia, Africa, India and Latin America are always welcome in my kitchen where my mantra is Healthy Not Boring! Sometimes I try the recipes as they are given in the videos. Other times I use what they did as a jumping off point to create my own versions.

One thing that bothers me is so many of them will talk about “high protein” dishes. I never worry about the protein issue. I’m confident that if I am eating a variety of whole plant based foods, including fruit, veggies, greens, whole grains and legumes, then I don’t need to worry about it. Here is what Dr. Opare has to say about getting enough protein.

So! Here Are My Top 5 Favorite Youtube Channels For Vegan Meal Inspiration

Wil Yeung – Cook With Confidence

Wil Yeung offers easy recipes that are full of flavor. It’s my favorite channel to go to for inspiration right now. He focuses on Asian favorites but also includes many other dishes as well. I love that his dishes are quick to make and are very easy to adapt to fit the ingredients I have in my kitchen.

Rachel Ama

Rachel is from the UK. She often shares Caribbean dishes but also other international vegan dishes. She loves flavor!  She also shares stories about her vegan journey. Her last few videos have include info about her pregnancy. I would imagine she has had her baby by now.

Tish Wonders

Tish is another UK YouTuber. Once again her recipes are easy and can be adapted to fit your preferences.


Nisha has many great Indian recipes on her channel. She also incorporates many other international dishes in her videos.


Gaz is yet another UK chef. While he has simple recipes on his channel such as this Moroccan Feast, he also has many more complicated recipes. If you’ve ever thought about making your own seitan Gaz is your man. His recipes are restaurant worthy and beautiful!

There’s my top 5 favorite Vegan YouTube channels that offer flavor packed international meal ideas that will spice up your plate and provide plenty of vegan meal inspiration so you’ll never get bored!

Now it’s your turn! What are your favorite vegan YouTube channels? Where else do you get your inspiration? I’d love to know. Share your suggestions in the comments below so we can all up our Kitchen Confidence Skills.

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