What Your Doctor Won’t (and Probably Can’t) Tell You About Your Diabetes-It’s Cause And How To Heal It

Now your doctor is probably very up to date on the latest literature on medications and diagnosis of diabetes. He/she probably isn’t a bad person. But the truth is most physicians aren’t taught about nutrition and its impact on health. Nor do they have an inclination to learn on their own. It may seem strange but food, as medicine is not within the traditional medical paradigm. This is tragic because in the 21st century the vast majority of the diseases that impact us as we age are “food borne illnesses” in that they are directly tied to how we eat.

Standard and conventional dietetic recommendations about what to eat as a diabetic do not address the underlying dietary food borne process that causes not only diabetes but a host of other diseases as well; including hypertension, heart disease, stroke, high cholesterol, cancer among them.

The good news is there is abundant compelling research and case study evidence that shows that the whole food vegan diet will prevent the development of diabetes. The live food vegan diet if tailored to your individualized body constitution will in almost all type II diabetics and, in the majority of type I diabetics actually reverse the problem so that YOU DON’T HAVE IT ANYMORE! In the few cases where diet changes do not reverse the diabetes completely, the need for medication is markedly reduced. As a side benefit, the need for medications to treat high blood pressure and high cholesterol that most diabetics also suffer from is also markedly reduced or eliminated. Patients feel better, sleep better, have better sex, and better digestion. It is a win-win proposition.

Sadly many internists and endocrinologists think that this type of diet is too radical, is unproven, or worse, are ignorant of the effects of animal products and processed foods in the genesis of diabetes and therefore haven’t even looked into the primary prevention and cure of diabetes through removing the food borne cause as an option. Many pediatricians are unaware of the link between dairy products and juvenile diabetes. Therefore you probably didn’t hear about it from your pediatrician either. Most diabetics weren’t given the option of choosing changing their behavior and resolving the diabetic state vs. taking medications for the rest of their life.

An educated patient is an empowered patient. There are plentiful resource’s available for you to research this yourself. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is one source. They have many articles about health and nutrition. Their diabetes article is at The book The China Study by Dr. T. Colin Campbell outlines extensive studies of disease patterns in relation to dietary habits. The documentary film Raw For 30 Days shows how a raw diet can quickly reverse the disease and eliminate the need for medication. Dr. Michael Greger of Nutrition Facts has countless videos outlining the extensive research about the power of a plant-based diet to prevent and reverse diabetes and other diseases. To mention only a few.

The truth of the matter is you are not helpless. A family history of diabetes does not doom you to the same fate. A diagnosis of diabetes or “pre” diabetes is not one you need to keep or even fear. Diabetes is a food borne illness that is as reversible as reversing the diabetogenic diet that led to it. You can turn it around, and walk a different road. Educate yourself. Find a knowledgeable practitioner who can assist you in your change and monitor your progress.

Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy LivingAs a physician and dietitian this has been the focus of my practice for many years. Helping people make sense of the confusion and take charge of their health. To find out more about my recommendations for creating optimal health check out my book The Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy Living: Common Sense for Black Folks For Who Are Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired. To get personalized advice about your situation schedule a consultation with me  using the link below. I meet with people all over the world via video conference.

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Nana Kwaku Opare, MD, MPH, CA
Dr. Nana Kwaku Opare, BS, MD, MPH, CA is an internationally recognized authority in Integrative and nutritional medicine. He combines; standard allopathic medicine, acupuncture/traditional Chinese medicine, nutritional medicine and osteopathic manual medicine. He is author of: The Rule Book and user Guide For Healthy Living, and Juice Fasting For Health Wellness and Weight Loss. Opare is a strong advocate for the vegan and raw vegan lifestyle. He calls his style of practice Afrikan Natural Hygiene.

2 Comments on “What Your Doctor Won’t (and Probably Can’t) Tell You About Your Diabetes-It’s Cause And How To Heal It

Amala Washington
08/14/2015 at 10:52 am

Hello! What a wonder source of information you two have here!! I slowly transitioned into this life style over the last three months. Two weeks in as vegan no meat products, I seem to wake up and have headaches fequently, especially upon waking up on the morning. I’m not sure if I’m not eating enough calories of if my water intake is not enough. I don’t eat fully raw…. rice and oatmeal are often used throughout the day. It’s just these head aches. It this apart of the transition phase. Headaches are normal?

Ama Opare
08/27/2015 at 12:39 pm

We can’t say what is going on specifically with you Amala but do drink lots of water. Dehydration is often a source of headache. Try drinking a bunch and see if it goes away. Also as you clean up your diet you will be detoxing from accumulated toxins. This can lead to headaches and other symptoms which are a part of the process. Be sure to journal about what you are eating, doing, etc, and what your symptoms are. Try a day with out one item or another and see if it makes a difference.


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