What would have you saying “Whoa! I fricken did it!” this time next year?

Happy New Year! As you say goodbye to 2019 and look towards the new year and the new decade I invite you to consider what would have you saying “Whoa! I fricken did it!” this time next year? Forget the resolutions about what you’re going to do. Set an intention for where you want your health and body and life to be come December 2020. 

This weekend we hiked up in the foothills of Mt. Meru to go visit friends. It was a 5 kilometer hike that took us us 275 meters, or so my phone told me. 

I love being out in nature. The views and countryside were stunning as usual. The lush banana fields, the bubbling sounds of a stream and a peek into a yard or garden as I pass by always lifts my spirits. As we crested a hillI I paused and stood looking back out over the valley below us and thought “this is truly divine creation.” This is when I feel most alive, the most connected to something bigger than me. It’s one of my favorite “Whoa I fricken did this!” moments.

Have you heard of “rewilding”? It’s a term our friend mentioned to me during our visit. It’s the concept of allowing the land to return to its natural state in order to restore, repair and rebalance ecosystems that have been damaged due to modern farming, building and other human impacts. It’s not “fixing” the land, but getting out of the way and letting it fix itself.

The same concept can be applied to us as people. On one level it’s getting reconnected to nature by spending time in natural spaces. This can be healing in and of itself. 

But on an even deeper level it applies to how we create Optimal Health. Not “fixing or curing” the body but getting out of the way to allow our body and system to restore and repair itself too. It’s really the secret to creating your own “Whoa I fricken did this!” realization. 

This concept of rewilding reminds me of a YouTuber with 8 million subscribers. She’s a Chinese woman who lives in a remote area in the mountains of Sichuan, China with her grandmother. Her videos show her cooking, farming and making all kinds of things using traditional methods. I find the videos fascinating.

It also reminds me of what I have observed about life here in the village we live in, where many people live much closer to the land, the food they eat, and to the natural rhythms of life. 

We are highly adaptable creatures. We’ve been able to adapt and survive in this industrial, modern, digital age. But, the always-on, consumer oriented approach to life has huge pitfalls. 

Our day-to-day lives have become so habitual and distraction-based that we have lost touch with the truth of who we really are. We no longer trust our own inner wisdom and those ways of eating and living that have sustained our people for many thousands of years.  The result is evident in the declining health and wellbeing of our people.

We are in need of some rewilding!

Of course it isn’t realistic for most of us to return to the ways of days gone by. But what can we learn from this way of life? How can we incorporate more natural ways into our modern lives? How would doing so help us live healthier, more fulfilling lives? 

How can we get out of our own way so that our body, mind, and spirit can fix and restore itself?

These are some of the questions we’ll be exploring at the PamojaLive 2020: The Roots of Wellness Retreat. While the term “rewilding” is new to me, the concept of returning to our natural way of being is not. It is at the core of creating Optimal Health and our approach to health and healing at Opare Institute. It is what Dr. Opare’s Rule Book And User Guide is all about.

If YOU are interested in exploring how you can get out of the way and allow your body to restore and repair itself, I invite you to join us November 28-December 5, 2020 for 8 days and 7 nights here in Arusha Tanzania, and reclaim your natural path to creating Optimal Health so you’ll be saying, “Whoa I fricken did this!”

Registration is now open at the Early Bird rate. Sign up now while the deposit is only $250 and spread the remainder out over 10 months. It’s truly the most affordable option. 

Reserve your spot At PamojaLive! today and lock in the lowest rate and best payment plan available. Be one of the first 2 people to sign up for an additional $100 off. 

Have questions? Contact us and let’s schedule a call to answer your questions. Or leave your questions in the comments and I’ll leave a reply.

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