Veganism or Perish: Nutrition In Tanzania 2018

The Black Panther is all the rage right now. In Wakanda (the fictional Afrikan country where the Black Panther is King) people are magically healed with their source of power, vibranium. In the real Afrika western style diets and lifestyles are making western style diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer, which were very rare only a few years ago, now become prevalent and serious. In many areas the doctors and hospitals do not have the equipment or resources to deal with the life threatening impacts of this trend.

While we may not have vibranium we do have what can seem like a magic power. It’s what we eat. In this talk given at the University of Arusha in norther Tanzania, Nana Kwaku powerfully outlines why vegan diets are important for the strength and survival of people of Tanzania (and indeed the world).

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