Vegan Main Dish Recipes

Raw, partially raw and cooked recipes that are sure to please.

Herb Butter Beans

Beans are often a big part of a vegan diet. Fortunately there are countless varieties of beans and ways to flavor them. Today’s recipe is butter beans flavored with fresh herbs. We found this vegan …
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Confetti Macaroni And Cheeze

This creamy and delicious vegan macaroni and cheeze recipe will please your whole family. When I ran an in-home day care many years ago I often served macaroni and cheese with mixed vegetables in it. …
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Easy Vegan Alfredo Pasta

Last week I needed a quick meal and this easy vegan Alfredo pasta was just the ticket. I happened to have some raw cashews soaking in the refrigerator so I was able to put it all together in less than…
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Sesame Noodles

Leftovers make putting together a fast meal a breeze. I had a bunch of leftover spaghetti noodles in my fridge and they became a tasty lunch of sesame noodles in minutes. They were the perfect thing t…
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Pasta Fagioli

Are you looking for a new way to make pasta? Or maybe a new way to make beans? Pasta fagioli is a recipe that brings pasta and beans together. There are many variations for this inexpensive Italian pe…
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Raw Un-Fish Cakes

Are you like many folks who love seafood? I often hear people talk about how they eat vegan except for occasional fish or seafood. If you have a hard time giving up the seafood (or even if you donR…
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scrambled tofu

Scrambled Tofu

Do you ever wonder what to eat for breakfast? Especially on the weekend mornings when you want something special? Well, scrambled tofu is for you! Believe it or not I had never made it before this pas…
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