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Personalized Support For New And Aspiring Vegans And Raw Vegan

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Is Getting Started Or Staying Vegan A Struggle?

My passion is to help you discover how to not only survive but to THRIVE with a sustainable and satifsfying healthy vegan lifestyle.

What's Getting In Your Way?

I have found there are four areas that tend to trip people up. Which ones are you struggling with?

  • Your Food: You're bored and don't know what to eat or how to make food that satisfies you and your family.
  • Your Cravings: Your stress cravings and emotional eating seem to control your mind and eating choices. 
  • Your Environment: The non-vegan environment around you is unsupportive and sabotages your efforts.
  • Your Worries: Your anxiety and fear about getting the right nutrients has you confused about what you should eat.

What's getting in your way? Which ones are preventing you from thriving?

I believe a wholistic approach to making change is the most powerful and effective approach. It addresses all of the areas that are causing you problems and allows you to discover unique, tailor made solutions for your long-term success.

How Coaching Can Help You

Becoming vegan or raw vegan is a revolutionary decision. It's a beautiful thing to do for yourself and your family. But it can be hard to get there on your own. Here's how having a coach can make the difference: 

  • Personalized Guidance: Have your own personal guide to help you figure out why what you've been doing isn't working and create a plan to address those areas so you can stop struggling and start loving your vegan life. 
  • Accountability: You'll have a someone who can guide you towards reaching your goals and help keep you accountable to your intentions. 
  • Teacher: Learn from someone who has years of experience and who knows the secrets of success. You don't have to figure it all out yourself.
  • Kitchen Confidence: You'll know how to create healthy meals you and your family will love so you won't feel like you are missing out. Eating healthy can taste great!

When we work together you'll discover how to not only survive but to thrive as a vegan or raw vegan in your non-vegan world eating delicious healthy food that satisfies you and your family.

How Coaching Works

As your personal coach I'm your support team. We'll talk regularly, usually weekly or every other week, either by phone or via a video conference. 

During those meetings we will talk about what's going on and what you can do to keep moving forward towards your goals. I'll answer your questions and help you discover how to find your own answers.

You'll also have access to me via email or text in-between sessions. 

Depending on your coaching package you may also have access to our training programs. If so, I'll also help you get the most out of these. 

It's you and me together, focused on your goals, your struggles and your success!

Let Me Help You Succeed In Your Quest For A Healthy Lifestyle

If you're ready to take control of your life and get on the road to success with your plant-based lifestyle I would love to help you. Whether you need a lot of support or you just need a bit of reinforcement. 

We'll focus on:

  • Getting clarity on your goals,
  • Identifying what's stopping you. 
  • Discovering what skills and information you need to learn.
  • Creating a plan to avoid or navigate around the trouble spots in your life. 
  • Optimizing your diet and lifestyle to get the best results.  

When you're struggling it helps to have someone who can help you see things that you can't see on your own. To have someone to talk through what's going on and help you create a plan that'll work for you. 

Let's get to work to propel you over your roadblocks and give you the edge you need to succeed.

Which Is Best For Your Needs?

Choose the coaching option below that best suits your needs 

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Are You Ready To Start Thriving?

Here are four ways we can work together.
Choose the one that best fits your goals and needs.

90-Minute Private Intensive

Get clear on what you need to do to tackle the challenges you're facing. When we're done you'll have a game plan you can follow for thriving in YOUR non-vegan world. 

Great for a "tune-up" or for help setting up a plan you can implement and follow on your own.

We'll meet for 90 minutes via video conference. 


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30-Day Coaching Package

It's you and me focused on you and your healthy lifestyle. We'll meet weekly to celebrate your successes and bust through your roadblocks so you'll be successful on your quest for a sustainable healthy lifestyle. 

Perfect for getting started on the right track or getting back on track. It's the accountability and guidance you need to keep you moving forward towards reaching your goals.


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Pamoja! Group Coaching

Membership program to help you stay on track with your vegan/raw vegan lifestyle. An affordable way to get the on-going support you need plus connect with others in our Pamoja! community. 

Includes monthly group coaching calls, email support, our online Healthy Eating Success course library, and private Facebook community and discounts on our products and services. 

Monthly subscription of $37

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3 Month Coaching Package

Get the works! I'll be there with you for three months to help you create a sustainable lifestyle and be your healthy best. Weekly video coaching sessions.  Plus you'll get lifetime access to our Pamoja! group coaching program and all our online courses. 

Get a free assessment to find out if this is right for you.


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