Vegan Dessert Recipes

vegan dessert recipes

Raw Peach Cobbler

I know it’s kind of late in the season to share this recipe but, on Sunday I picked up some or…


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Key Lime Pie

On a recent trip to Key West I couldn’t find vegan Key Lime Pie anywhere so I brought some key…


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Blueberry Crisp

Raw desserts are so easy and fast to make that you can often decide to make one and be eating it in …


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Raw Chocolate Truffles

Chocolate Truffles

These bite-sized delicacies will melt in your mouth! I recommend hiding some in the freezer or they …


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Pecan Pie

A rich and satisfying version of a family favorite for many folks. Take this to your next holiday di…


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Raw Walnut Brownies

Raw Vegan Brownies

These raw brownies are absolutely delicious. This is a super easy recipe that you can make and be re…


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