how to make almond milk

How To Make Vegan Almond Milk

It took me YEARS to start making my own almond milk! Don’t let that happen to you! It’s so easy to do and it tastes so much better than the store-bought kind. And it’s cheaper too. I…


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Brewing Kombucha

I first tasted Kombucha, a bubbly fermented beverage about 7 years ago. The strong taste surprised me. I expected it to be sweeter, more like a soft drink. Kombucha is an ancient Chinese beverage that…


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Cranberry Sangria

Water is our beverage of choice. But on some occasions such as parties or family gatherings it is nice to have a special drink. If you are a non drinker and you are in the company of drinkers this fes…


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Sangria: Raw And Non-Alcoholic

Water is by far the best drink. Eliminating soft drinks and alcoholic beverages is a smart move. But sometimes you just want something more, say for a celebration or an occasional treat. Here is an op…


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Bungo Juice Blend

One of the best things we tried on our trip to Afrika was Bungo Juice in Zanzibar. Bungo fruit is a that grows on the rubber vine plant in Zanzibar, Madagascar and a few other islands in the Indian Oc…


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Green Juice #1

A tasty fruit and greens combination. Dilute 50/50 with filtered water if you are using the Opare Juice Fast method. ½ pineapple rind removed (you can leave the core) 1 large apple ½ bunch mint 4 st…


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