The Ultimate Guide To What Vegans Eat For Breakfast 

what vegans eat for breakfast

One question I often hear from new Vegans is "What do vegans eat for breakfast?" Without eggs and bacon and milk for your cereal what else is there!? Thankfully there are plenty of delicious and healthy vegan options for breakfast so you'll never have to get bored or feel deprived. Here is the ultimate guide to what vegans eat for breakfast with 15 ideas including some of my favorite recipes.

How To Build The Perfect Smoothie

Smoothies are a staple for many health conscious folks. They are a great way to get more fruit and greens into your diet. Kids love them too! Green smoothies are a regular part of our breakfast menu. You can find many different recipes for smoothies but I tend to just go by what I have on hand. Here in this infographic is how I build my smoothies no matter what kind of smoothie I'm making.


Hearty Fruit Salad

Breakfast is often the easiest to eat raw. Smoothies are our usual breakfast but this hearty fruit salad is a great change of pace. It is very adaptable to what ever fruit you have on hand. Choose the ripest seasonal and organic fruits you can find for optimal flavor and nutrition.


Sweet and Spicy Porridge

This recipe is a hearty cereal that is naturally sweetened with fruit. It can be warmed slightly by warming the nut milk and is naturally warming with ginger and cinnamon. It starts with a base of apple and pecans. The flavors deepen with fresh and dried spices and fresh and dried fruit. Very satisfying!


Raw Overnight Refrigerator Oatmeal

It's so simple! And because you start it the night before, it makes a really fast breakfast the next morning. Simply add the oats and liquid to a container, put the lid on and put it in the fridge. I usually add the fresh fruit in the am, put it in a to-go container and we are all set!

I've been using my own homemade almond milk. Use the plant base milk of your choice.


Scrambled Tofu

Looking for something good for the weekend mornings when you want something special? Well, tofu scramble is for you!  You can use either soft or firm tofu. Add some vegan sausage or bacon and you've got a great treat.



Corn Grits or Polenta

When we want a warm, stick to your ribs kind of start to the day this is a good option. We always look for organic corn grits due to the possible use of GMOs in conventional corn. I use Bob's Red Mill brand. It can be found in the cereal section of the grocery store.

Some folks like to eat grits like a cereal with milk and sweetener. We eat ours topped with raw marinated or lightly steamed marinated veggies. (Who says veggies aren't for breakfast?) For more on marinated veggies see this recipe.


Chia Porridge

If you are used to having a hot cereal, here is a recipe for you. This is a raw alternative to oatmeal. Chia seeds absorb liquid, expand and become gelatinous when soaked. They have a consistency similar to tapioca. Then mix in fruit and maybe cinnamon. This version makes a warm porridge.



Raw Hot Cocoa:

When I was little I used to have chocolate milk every night before I went to bed, made with Nestle's Quick. As an adult I would indulge in hot chocolate from time to time. When I went vegan I used almond milk instead of cow's milk. All was good. But when eating raw what do you do? Here is a delicious way to enjoy raw hot cocoa using your own freshly made almond milk. Watch out though it's habit forming.


Here are some other vegan breakfast ideas:

Smoothie Bowls: Make a thicker smoothie, put it in a bowl and top with chopped fruit and maybe nuts or seeds.

Avocado Toast: Top your favorite bread (toasted or untoasted) with sliced avocado (or spread it on). You can add other items if desired. Tomato, herbs, salt and pepper are shown here.

Veganize the common breakfast items: You can still enjoy dishes such as pancakes, muffins, and waffles or eat dry cereal. Just replace the animal based ingredients with nut milks, egg substitutes, and vegan spreads. Here's some help with that.

And there are vegan versions of bacon, sausage and even eggs too. There is even raw vegan eggplant bacon!

Think outside the box: I remember when my kids were little we sometimes had breakfast for dinner. Well why not dinner/lunch for breakfast? Got leftovers? How about kale salad? Or vegetable soup? This Miso Soup with vegetables will warm you up on a cold morning.

I asked Our Pamoja! members what they eat for breakfast and here's what a few of them said: Green smoothies, homemade apple and cinnamon oatmeal, homemade granola bars.

As you can see there are lots of options! Vegan breakfast can be fast, easy, and delicious. Now you know what vegans eat for breakfast!

Now it's time to take action. Which vegan breakfast idea will you try first? Share in the comments below.

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