The Question Of Protein

Protein is one of the biggest concerns people have when it comes to a vegan or raw vegan diet. “Where do you get your protein?” is the most often heard question people ask. We have talked about this before but I thought it was worth revisiting because it has been a while since Dr. Opare’s YouTube video about it came out.

The problem we with most of the information out there about protein for vegans is that it reinforces the idea that #1 protein is something you have to worry about, and #2 that you have to be sure to eat certain foods to make sure you get it. Now tell me something. When was the last time you actually heard about someone (who isn’t starving) being protein deficient?

The real truth is that there is protein in all whole foods. Even fruits and vegetables. If you are eating enough calories, and are eating whole foods you ARE getting enough protein! Sure eat nuts. Eat seeds. Eat tofu. But don’t feel like you HAVE to in order to get the protein you need.

In this video done several years ago as a part of our Conscious Vegan class Dr. Opare talks about protein for vegans and the problems associated with eating too much protein.

Go ahead, rest easy!

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