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Why Is Vegetarianism Important For The Afrikan Diaspora? Survey Results

Here is the next installment of the results from my survey of Black Vegetarians. I wanted to find out about the experiences we have as people of Afrikan descent living a vegetarian lifestyle. My question today is, “Why is vegetarianism important for us as people of Afrikan descent? (Or is it important?)” …

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Is The “American Dream” Blocking Your Healthy Lifestyle?

I started to think about our so-called American Dream lifestyle that is really more of a Global Nightmare. I thought about those whose commitment to eating vegan or raw is not as intrenched or is nonexistent who make much less healthy choices then we do. For too many of us the fast food, restaurant, frozen food, eat mindlessly while driving or watching TV method of feeding ourselves is the norm. This Nightmare is impacting the health of people of Afrikan descent especially. It is leading us down the path of chronic disease, obesity, disability and early death.

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