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Why You Can And Probably Should Dump Your MD — The Difference Between Curing And Healing

When you are sick are you looking to be cured or are you trying to heal? What’s the difference? Does it matter? And what does that difference have to do with dumping your doctor? This is a topic I have been reflecting on, and speaking about for some time. It forms the…

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You Have Everything You Need To Heal Anything — In You Right Now

Do you want a cure or do you want to heal? When you’re trying to get healthy, trying to change your overall health picture, hard work trumps hope in miracles every time. It may be tempting to look for a miracle solution whether that be a prescription or an alternative remedy.  You’re…

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What Your Doctor Won’t (and Probably Can’t) Tell You About Your Diabetes-It’s Cause And How To Heal It

Now your doctor is probably very up to date on the latest literature on medications and diagnosis of diabetes. He/she probably isn’t a bad person. But the truth is most physicians aren’t taught about nutrition and its impact on health. Nor do they have an inclination to learn on their…

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