Vegan For The Holidays Coaching


Three 90-minute coaching sessions to create a holiday that honors your traditions AND your commitment to being healthy.


Three 90 minute private one-on-one sessions with Ama to help you create a holiday season that honors your traditions AND your commitment to being healthy. 

For new or struggling vegans who want to enjoy the holidays without compromising their commitments to eating healthy and being healthy. It’s for you whether you are the host or a guest, whether traveling or staying home, no matter what holidays you celebrate.

Holidays are a time that can be the undoing for many people who want to eat right and be their healthy best. It can be a time of stress, shaming, feeling like an outsider and of big temptations. These can all cause back sliding that can be difficult to recover from.

During our time together you’ll develop vital skills that you’ll be able to use all year long and in any situation to make sure you can Thrive While Vegan while living in the real world.

This will be a highly customized experience based on your personal situation. For example: We can help you plan a menu to please everyone in attendance. We can focus on your travel plans. We can look for ways to adjust your family traditions to accommodate your needs as well.

Session #1: Gain clarity on what you will be up against so you’ll know what your potential problems and pitfalls are likely to be.

Session #2: Create a winning strategy for preventing or handling your potential problems so you can enjoy your holiday AND stay committed to eating right.

Session #3: Evaluate how your strategy is working and make adjustments as needed so you’ll know what to do to make ANY situation work for you (or know when you need to make alternative plans altogether).