Survive And Thrive In A Non-Vegan World


So you are trying to become vegan but you can’t seem to make it stick? Don’t get down on yourself. The culture and society we live in are set up to cause you to fail. BUT you CAN be successful.

This 25 page e–book How To Survive And Thrive In a Non-Vegan World gives you the tools you need to navigate your home, work, family, holiday and travel world and not only survive but thrive as a vegan.

Ama Opare, MA, shares tips, tools and techniques that have helped many patients and students of Opare Institute thrive as vegans in their non–vegan worlds. They are eating vegan diets and loving it.





Being vegan in a non-vegan world brings challenges and roadblocks that can set you off course. However you CAN be successful. The tools you will learn will help you:

Listen Within–So that you can recognize your trouble spots and pay careful attention to the messages your body is giving you.

Get Educated–That way you will know how eating vegan can improve not only your life but also the world around you.

Learn The Skills–Making flavorful satisfying food will help you enjoy your meals and replace old favorites with new healthier ones.

Be Prepared–Plan ahead for success in your day-to-day, go to work, travel, holiday, friends and family, real world activities .

How To Survive And Thrive In A Non-Vegan World: A 26-page guide that gives health conscious people, who struggle to stay on track with their vegan diet, the tools they need to navigate home, work, family, the holidays and travel and get control of their food addictions.

More and more people are ready to break their animal product, sugar and junk food addictions, and establish healthy habits that work with their busy lives.

For most of us it isn’t easy. But it can be done with the right tools.

Survive and Thrive E-book

I have pulled together some of our most powerful tools to help you get started down the right path. This 26-page guide gives health conscious people like you, who struggle with staying on track with your vegan diet, the tools you need to learn how to navigate home, work, family, the holidays and travel and get control of your food addictions.

The convenient e-book format allows you to take this resource with you on your smart phone or tablet. Available in EPub or PDF formats.

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