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7DaysJustJuiceToday is the seventh day of our juice fast. We have had only freshly made fruit and vegetable juice (and water and herb tea) for the past seven days. We are doing this to rid ourselves of excess weight, toxins from our diets, and to help us recommit to our preferred diet of all to mostly raw without fried foods, processed foods and refined sugars.

I have been sharing my progress each day in the member only forums. I know there are at least 5 of you FFTS Revolutionaries fasting too. Come on over and share your progress and experience too. Or post a comment below.

It's been mostly good. We've been taking it slow to allow our bodies to rest and do it's healing work. I did however go to the gym one day and I paid for it the next day. The extreme cold weather has been a bit of a challenge because I find I feel colder on a fast. I still feel hunger from time to time. Usually drinking more juice or water satisfies that. I have lost about 8 pounds.

What To Expect In Week Two.

Getting over that 7 day hump is key. The second week is usually easier. Energy returns and hunger diminishes. You may have less detox symptoms such as headaches.

Don't get frustrated when your weight loss slows down. This is normal. Introduce some walking into your routine. If you regularly exercise you can begin to do some mild yoga or gentle calisthenics. Don't overdo it!

Be sure to continue to journal, pray or meditate, and reflect. Make sure that your new-found energy and lack of hunger doesn't stop you from getting plenty of rest and drinking your juice.

To learn more about the Juice Fast method we recommend be sure to check out the Juice Fast Resource Page and the On-line Training and Ebook.

What We Have Been Drinking

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