Say NO To The FEAR Of COVID-19

say NO to the fear of COVID-19

One of the biggest issues we are facing with the current global COVID-19 situation is the fear that is being promoted all around us everyday. Now that some areas are at least talking about reopening, that fear may increase as you consider whether it’s safe for you to go out. I imagine most of us have at least moments of fear. And that’s a problem. We need to say NO to the FEAR of COVID-19

When we’re in a fear state we inhibit our body’s natural defense mechanisms for health and healing. We are put into a flight or fight mode of operation which pulls our energy and systems and focus them on being ready to act NOW to keep us safe. The problem is that is NOT what will keep us safe in this situation. We are not facing a lion. We don’t need to run or physically fight back.

There is also a large psychological aspect to this fear. If you’re worried and afraid of getting sick, then each cough or sneeze will trigger your fear response. What would in any other time hardly be noticed is now reason for alarm. We are hyper focused on symptoms and illness when we need to be focused on health and healing.

So what can we do with all that fear?

We are not helpless. We must remember that. There ARE things that we can do.

We have already discussed the ways we can Activate Your Healing Superpowers, and offered Another View Of The COVID-19 Paradigm. (If you haven’t read these posts please do so. There are a lot of great suggestions in both of them.) However when you are in the grips of a fearful state it can be hard to remember and tap into that knowledge. 

So, you wake up in the morning and you’re feeling good. You sit down to your breakfast of smoothie and a delicious, healing warming soup. You have good intentions for how you will spend your day. We’re off to a good start!

While you are eating, you pick up your phone and you start scrolling through the news. Big mistake! You see more horrible reports of black people dying and predictions that this thing will linger on. 

By the time you’re done with breakfast you’re feeling tired. You’re feeling depressed. As a matter fact you’re starting to feel a little congested and a little headachy. And you’re wondering if maybe you’ve gotten this thing after all! 

So much for your good intentions for the day! You go lay down for a while. You wrap up in a blanket. Maybe you’ll take a nap.

STOP RIGHT THERE! It’s time for a reset and a reframe!

You’re not helpless!  There’s something you can do!

First, even if you do start to get sick there are steps you can take to stop it. If you feel like you are catching a cold or flu, right away start drinking large amounts of really warm water. It should be as warm as you can tolerate and still be able to chug a full glass. Drink a few glasses, until you start to sweat. Continue drinking warm water throughout the day. 

Dr Opare recommends eating this yummy soup that’s based on a Chinese medicine approach and treating cold and flu like symptoms. It will warm you up and help your sinuses and congestion to clear. 

Give yourself a steam bath. You can put your face in a bowl of hot steaming water and put a towel over your head.  Breathe in the healing steam for five minutes or so. Your head will start to clear. Repeat as needed. 

Next, do what you can to get your head straight. Go outside and take a little walk, even if it’s just around your yard. Look around and find the beauty and life that surrounds you. Call upon your higher power. Do something fun. Call a friend. It’s important to continue to do things that bring you joy. You need it and the world needs that joy too!

Remember that you’re greatly improving your odds of staying well or recovering quickly by taking good care of yourself. You eat right. (If you need to make some changes do so! We can help.) You eat plenty of greens. Here’s some ideas if you need to add more greens to your diet.

Remember that you ARE following your Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy Living. (You are aren’t you? Find out more here.) If there are areas you can improve on, Get On It! It’s more important than ever. 

I say to myself, “Self, I may be over 60. But I don’t fit the profile. I’m not overweight (ok maybe a little bit 🤗). I don’t have chronic disease. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. I eat right, drink good water, get outside in the sun everyday, get exercise, pray, etc. And I’m continually working to improve. I’m OK. Whether I catch this thing or a cold or the flu or something else my body has the tools it needs to take care of it and heal.”

To help fight the fear I’ve restricted the amount of time I spend reading the news. I really don’t need to keep up to the minute with the death tolls and the endless predictions which are based on who knows what! 

I remind myself that what I see in the mainstream media is not the whole or necessarily even the real picture. I consider Dr Opare’s wise words about the other paradigms to view COVID-19

Let’s all fight the fear.

It can do us NO good. It can only do us harm. There is a constant barrage of fear based messages. It takes constant vigilance to stay in our right minds. 

If there are areas you can improve on, Get On It! Review your Rulebook and User Guide For Healthy Living and start working on the areas you need to improve on. Keep improving until you are doing everything you can do to stay as healthy as possible. It’s a process. There’s almost always room to improve.

You don’t have to go it alone. We’ve got your back! 

This is our mission. To help you create optimal health so you can be your healthy best no matter what. That’s why were offering 19% off all of our downloadable publications. We’ve also taken 19% off our Pamoja! membership program. It is jam packed with education, provides group coaching, and a community of likeminded folks. You’ll have the tools you need and our support so that you can create and stick to the healthy diet and lifestyle you’ve been wanting.

You CAN Do This! Say NO to the FEAR of COVID-19!

It’s time to take control and choose the direction YOU want to go forward in with your life.

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Ama Opare
Lifestyle Coach, CEO at Opare Institute
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4 Comments on “Say NO To The FEAR Of COVID-19

Nita Mason
10/16/2020 at 1:44 pm

Ama, thank you so much for your “Pep Talk!” You were spot on in your assessment of the times and how to deal with our current reality. I believe this COVID-19 era is a time for us to just STOP and take a breather. I am a believer in Jesus Christ, and I know God is in control and allowed this pandemic to happen for a reason. God is telling us to pause and think about what is going on. Right now we are not too busy to not think about what is happening to people of color around the world – especially black people. Even whites don’t have so many distractions now that they can ignore the racial injustice. So, use this time to not fear but to pause and think about what you can do to help others as well as yourself. It’s the perfect time to treat your body like you love it by feeding it properly and taking care of it. As Dr. Opares’ book says, “Health is our only true Wealth!” Let’s take advantage of Amas’ advice as we follow her instructions to good health, a good life and peace within!

Ama Opare
10/16/2020 at 3:16 pm

Well said Nita!

05/12/2020 at 1:56 pm

This is the article / message that needs to be getting air time and global exposure … not all of the fear based messaging that we’ve been seeing. Knowing the risks and taking intelligent, calculated measures to heal yourself is the best advice that we can give anyone.

Ama Opare
05/13/2020 at 5:22 am

Thank you Nmuta! I agree and refuse to buy into the fear based narrative that is so pervasive. Please share with your connections and let’s change that narrative to a more empowering one that acknowledges the tools we have to change our outcomes from doom and gloom to health and healing!


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