Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy Living

The Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy Living

Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy Living

A MUST read book for anyone who takes their health seriously!


The Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy Living is a guidebook for those who are ready to step off the beaten track of ever-increasing disease, medications and procedures, and instead take the path toward greater health and vitality. Dr. Opare’s wise advice reminds us that we have an amazing ability to heal ourselves and that “you have everything you need to be healthy in you right now.” You must cooperate with nature and natural law (follow your rule book) to engage that healing mechanism.

Sickness doesn’t have to be a part of your life. 

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Reader reviews

“If you are tired of being over medicated/doped up and not getting better the answers are contained in this book. If you want to take charge of your health and get rid of meds and some of your doctors, the answers are contained in this book. If you seek a better understanding of what’s causes you to be sick and how to avoid the common traps, this book is for you.” – Chris

“At a time in my life when I needed positive lifestyle changes instead of a bandage on my health issues, I was fortunate to have read the paper back version of Dr. Opare’s Rulebook and User Guide for Healthy Living. I found a wealth of information that was very useful and necessary for me to regain balance and improved health. Dr. Opare’s approach is like no other book on healthy living that I have ever read- original and direct. I have incorporated a lot of these guidelines into my daily life with great success, and when I feel a little off-balance, I often refer to the guidelines to regain focus and find myself back on track. This Kindle version is wonderful because now I can do this at anytime on the go.” – T Davis

You CAN reverse your health problems, get off your medications and feel better, stronger and have more energy

Dr. Opare combines ancient wisdom with contemporary methods to chart a path towards living longer and healing the whole body. In easily understandable and accessible language he details the true meaning of health and puts you in control with the power of great health in your hands.

The rules for healthy living were learned long ago by our ancestors. They have been largely forgotten and set aside in the mistaken belief that what is new is necessarily better. This book will help you as you travel on the path to greater health, happiness, spiritual connection and purpose. It will help you claim your perfect health.

Dr. Opare says:

The most important things is to Not Get Sick! This is the most important part of good health. The truth is that it is the hardest part as well. How can anyone control whether they get sick or not?

Most illnesses don’t come from chance or bad luck or bad genes. Most illnesses and diseases (and some metaphysicians would even include injuries) come about because of failure to properly care for ourselves. A very small percentage are the result of karmic debt. Karma cannot be escaped and the consequences of bad and good karma will inescapably affect our lives. Bad karma can result in illness. The vast majority of illnesses result from failing to follow the Rule Book and User Guide agreed to by us and installed in our subconscious at birth. The natural response to disease or dis-ease is to first identify and remove the cause, because our body has built-in natural mechanisms for restoring balance. We deep inside know what we did or failed to do to get sick. We also have the power to change those things and heal.

Paradoxically, sometimes what appears as illness is in fact a sign of proper functioning of the human organism. We are living in a toxic society both mentally and physically. We will tend to accumulate those toxins in our bodies and minds. In their wisdom, the body and mind will tend to purge themselves of these toxins. The detoxification process can appear as colds and flu, upper respiratory symptoms, skin or intestinal or other severe symptoms.

Sometimes bad dreams or bouts of the “blues” are signs of the mind detoxifying. Sometimes we need to slow down and let ourselves purge. When the symptoms persist, it is a sign we have high amounts of toxicity in our system. For example, ongoing depression, catarrh or dermatitis are our body’s/mind’s messages that we need to correct the errors of living that filled us with toxins.

If we are wise, pay attention to the minor issues that come up and change our behavior accordingly, we need never become seriously ill.”

From The Five Adages chapter in The Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy Living


Add this must have book to your library and you’ll have the wisdom you need at your fingertips:

  • Live longer, have more energy and live out a healthy busy life;
  • Get rid of your anxiety regarding our health;
  • Raise healthier children;
  • Be a positive example on your friends and family.

You don’t have to have the diseases that plague your family.

“Dr. Opare’s RULE BOOK AND USER GUIDE FOR HEALTHY LIVING provides a common sensical and comprehensive approach and answers for Black Peoples Health problems outside of the medical establishments philosophy and practice of pushing drugs and surgery. Anyone that takes their health seriously must read this book and then take the necessary actions outlined to optimize how they feel physically and mentally. Your Friends and Family will notice the difference in you after you take action based on the rules and guidelines of this book.” – RL

“After reading several books on the subject, I have found the rule book and user guide to be the most comprehensive connection to better health of the body, soul, and mind. Dr. Opare gives a practical view on the meaning of total health and well being. Unlike other authors who usually focus on one area of health, Dr. Opare combines ancient wisdom with contemporary methods to present a path towards healing of the whole being. Using easily understood language with common sense application, the rule book focuses on diet as a way to kick start the body’s natural ability to heal itself. This book has been a tremendous help towards my journey to understanding the true meaning of health. I recommend that anyone who is interested in living a better life and improving their overall health should read the user guide.” – Nakawa

“I refer to The Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy Living often. The book is full of practical common sense tips. If you are confused about diets and all the stuff that we see in the media, then give this book a try. It’s never too late to learn about healthy living. I highly recommend this book for young mothers. I wish I had used these principles when my kids were young.” – L Wilson

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