Resources To Help You End Your Yo-Yo Struggle


Join us in Pamoja! Everything you need to make your plant-based lifestyle accessible, achievable and enjoyable

Pamoja is a Swahili word that means together. This is the place where we can come together to learn, support each other and make this vegan or raw food lifestyle work for us. Pamoja! Together in the food revolution.

Inside Pamoja! you’ll have access to training, resources, group coaching, and a community of others on the same journey. We want to be sure you’ll be able to create and sustain your healthy lifestyle for the long haul. Click here to find out more.

One-On-One Coaching

Sometimes having the one-on-one support of a coach can make all the difference. I’ve got your back!

When we work together I’ll provide the guidance and structure you need to figure out why what you’ve been doing isn’t working. We’ll create a plan to cope with your emotional eating and get control of your cravings.

I’m ready to help you start loving your healthy diet and lifestyle. You’ll feel good about your lifestyle change and making the best change for yourself. Find out more.

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