Struggling To Stay On Your Vegan Diet?

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Ok, I’ve Had Enough!

I’m ready to end my slide into less healthy choices. The holiday season and traveling to visit my family does it to me every time! I eat poorly, exercise less, and in general get off my healthy …


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Why You Shouldn’t Get Down On Yourself

Do you blame yourself for your current state of not eating the way you should, or exercising the way you should, or not cleaning up your act in some fashion? If you do you are not alone. Many of us ha…


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But It Doesn’t Taste The Same!

I have talked about this before but this is a real issue for many new vegetarians so I want to focus on it again. That is the issue of “But it doesn’t taste like it used to.” One of the biggest …


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Are You A Yo-Yo Vegan?

We all know that eating healthy is important for losing weight, healing and getting off medications, and increasing our energy level. More and more of us are choosing a vegan lifestyle for optimal hea…


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How To Battle Food Addictions

Nana Kwaku and I are addicts. So are you! We all have addictions to food in some form or another. Many of the foods we eat and crave have an addictive nature. Sugar, salt and fat all activate our bra…


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Eat A Rainbow-Forget About Supplements

If you’re anything like many people who are making the move to a vegan or plant-based diet you probably have questions about getting the right nutrition to stay (or get) healthy. Fortunately by …


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