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Topics to help get you started on the right path.

Newbie Help
For The Yo-Yo Vegan

Cravings and temptations sabotaging your efforts? These articles can help.

Stop The Yo-Yo
The Optimum Fast

Ready to reboot or jump start your progress? Here’s the safest way to detox or cleanse.

Detox Guide
Tool For Your Vegan Kitchen

These are the appliances I recommend for setting up your kitchen to make amazing food.

Your Kitchen

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Healthy Eating Success


Figuring out this vegan thing can be confusing. This online course gives you the support and guidance you’ve been looking for. It puts you in control, helps you feel assured that you’re doing it right…

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Creating Vegan Menu Plans Workshop


Let’s take your plant-based meals beyond salads and tofu to flavorful and satisfying with all the variety you want. Instead of providing you with a few menus that may or may not work in your situation…

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Pamoja! Membership

Part education, part coaching, it’s everything you need to make the plant-based lifestyle work for you and your family!

Pamoja! combines all of our po…

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The Optimum Fast Course


The safest and most effective method of fasting. Learn everything you need to safely detox, lose weight and jumpstart your body’s natural healing process. (This course is included in the Pamoja! m…

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Healthy Gourmet Mexican Raw Meal


Diversify your raw food diet and create healthy, delicious and filling meals for you and your family. In this course we show you how to make both basic and more involved recipes to add the wonderful f…

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