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Have you tried to move to a healthier diet only to find yourself going back to your old unhealthy ways? It’s not your fault. Deciding you want to make a change is not enough for most people.

Making diet and lifestyle changes means learning new skills, new concepts, developing new habits and finding new support systems.

The Food For The Soul on-line training library will help you go from “I know I should…” and “I wish I could…” to “YES I DID!”

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Healthy Eating Success

Are You Tired of Your On Again Off Again Struggle With Your Vegetarian Lifestyle?

You’ve tried diets and cleanses but can’t seem to stick to them for long. Your cravings and desires for sugar and processed foods are very difficult to deal with.

You get bored with your food or end up tossing out dishes that just don’t taste good. Maybe you don’t know what you are supposed to eat.

You need to lose weight. You don’t want to put yourself through all the side effects and problems with the medications your doctor says you will have to take for the rest of your life.

In our Healthy Eating Success program you will learn how to end your overwhelm and on-again-off-again struggle.

  • Developed with Nana Kwaku Opare, MD, MPH, CA, a physician and dietitian whose life work is helping patients adopt healthy diet and lifestyle habits.
  • Offers you the same tools and information used with patients to help them successfully take control of their health and weight.





Juice Fasting For Health, Wellness and Weight Loss


On-Line Training: Learn the method Dr. Opare teaches his patients for detoxing, healing and weight loss.

When combined with self observation and reflection, journaling, prayer/meditation, and a commitment to making changes, a juice fast allows you to make profound changes in your emotional, spiritual and physical health.






 Juice Fasting Instruction E-Book


Download your own copy of the instructions for the Opare Juice Fasting protocol. Includes charts, recipes and full instructions for starting, maintaining and ending your fast. The same material we share with patients to help them heal, detox and lose weight. Price – $15.00

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