Ok, I’ve Had Enough!

I’m ready to end my slide into less healthy choices. The holiday season and traveling to visit my family does it to me every time! I eat poorly, exercise less, and in general get off my healthy lifestyle game. You may find that to be the case as well.

For me, this means I eat too much sugar. I eat too much bread and baked goods. I drink too much coffee. I eat too much vegan junk food. And, I just eat too much in general. I gain weight. I don’t do my meditation. I don’t do my yoga. I stay up late.

What does it mean for you? What less healthy choices have you been making? Maybe you have eaten meat or dairy. Maybe you have had more alcohol than usual. What ever it has been, are you ready to move forward? I am.

So now what? It’s time to get back on track. In fact it’s time for me to go even further and incorporate even more healthy lifestyle habits than I have in the past.

It’s time to return to the foundation of making diet and lifestyle changes, the Four Pillars Of Success.

Pillar #1 Deep Self Understanding
I have noticed I am falling back to patterns that lead me to make poor choices. I have found myself in this place more often lately because I have not done a good job of pacing myself or prioritizing.

I tend to push myself hard. I keep on going until I am over tired. Then I too easily take the quick and easy way by grabbing something to eat that is satisfying in the moment. Later I pay for it when my energy crashes or I feel bloated and headachy.

Pillar #2 Common Sense Nutrition Education
My body has been communicating with me. It is letting me know I need to be doing better. I don’t feel at my best. It’s time to listen and return to the diet that I know helps me feel my best.

Pillar #3 Kitchen Mastery
I am going back to my recipe books. I am returning to recipes I have forgotten about and adding new ones to my menu plans. (And I am MAKING my menu plans.)

Pillar #4 Real World Navigation Skills
I have an updated plan for making sure I am eating right and doing right. My plan reminds me to stop and rest. It makes room for taking time to move my body.

To help me put it all together I will push the reset button by doing a juice fast. This always helps me put things back in order and break the cravings and patterns of behavior that are causing me trouble.

I am ready to get back on track. I am ready to lose the weight I gained. I am ready to feel better in my body, clear my head, and get my energy back. Are you? Let’s do it together.

We would love to help you make the changes you want to make. Join us for Healthy Eating Success and put the Four Pillars Of Success to work for you. Learn how to actually make a permanent change in your diet and lifestyle. We include our full Juice Fasting training and our e-books so that you’ll have all the tools you need to create the healthy diet and lifestyle you desire. (Join us before January 15, 2016 for even more special added bonuses.)

If you’re already a student of Healthy Eating Success, maybe it’s time to go back and review the material again to reinforce your commitment to yourself. We’ve updated the course material in the last few months so come on back and see what’s new.

What have you had enough of? What changes are you ready to make? Tell us in the comments below.

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Ama Opare
Lifestyle Coach, CEO at Opare Institute
Helping my coaching clients go from vegan wanna-be to Unshakably Vegan! From meal-time boredom to loving what they eat. From self-sabotage to taking control. From tempted by all the wrong choices in their non-vegan world to making the right decisions. And from sick and tired to vibrant and healthy. Discover your personal recipe for success and abundant health! BE UNSHAKABLE!

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