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weightlossAs the new year approaches I am planning to do a juice fast. I always enjoy the holiday season because it is a time I get to spend with my family that is spread out across the country. Visiting my hometown of Chicago and my daughters, parents, siblings, cousins, nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles is always a treat.

However, it is also a time of over indulgence. As usual, this year I ate too much. I ate at my favorite vegan restaurants in Chicago. I ate more sweets than usual. I enjoyed the vegan options served at family meals. I ate more often and more in quantity than is my norm. I had a bit of coffee, and a bit of wine, both things I don’t usually partake in.

Now I feel it. I put on a bit of extra weight. I felt it in my knees going up and down the stairs at my folks house (I am wondering if I somehow had some animal product without knowing it because it suddenly went away on the last day of my visit.) I have a few rash-ie or blemish-ie areas on my skin.

Fruit and Veggie Juice

Fruit and Veggie Juice

So it’s that time again. Time for my periodic juice fast. Time to reset and start the new year off right.

Beginning next week on Saturday, January 4th I will juice fast for at least 7 days, and possibly as long as 21 days.

I invite you to join me. I know I do better when I have others sharing the journey with me. How about you? 

I will be following the protocol that Dr. Opare recommends. This safe protocol can be maintained for extended periods. It provides plenty of nutrients while allowing the body to detox and shed excess weight. You can find out more about the method we recommend in this post, in our Juice Fast E-book or through the Juice Fast For Health Wellness and Weight Loss Training. Click HERE for more information. Or use the method you like.

Then join us in the member-only forum area, look for the juice fasting discussion, to share your progress, ask questions, give encouragement, post photos etc. Not a member? Join for free.

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