How To Avoid A Backslide When Life Gives You Lemons

What do you do when a monkey wrench gets thrown into your life and you find yourself backsliding into your old unhealthy ways? How do you avoid a backslide when life gives you lemons?

This week my computer suffered a serious problem! A huge monkey wrench for me. My business depends on my computer. I do vegan lifestyle coaching by video, I blog, make YouTube videos, do web and graphic design and teach ESL classes online to kids in China. I’m in the middle of getting the word out about the PamojaLive 2020 Roots Of Wellness retreat we are having at the end of the year. All of that requires a computer.

Monday morning it was screeeech! Stop everything! My brain went into hyper drive trying to figure this all out. There’s no easy tech support nearby. WHAT AM I GOING TO !&*^%$ DO!!!???!!!

That can happen in your lifestyle too. You are cruising along doing your yoga everyday and avoiding all animal products. Then BLAM! A monkey wrench falls in your lap. You have an emergency assignment at work and you don’t have time to cook anymore. Your Mother gets sick and you are needed to care for her. You get a chance to go to Jamaica and you’ve always wanted to go. (Monkey wrenches aren’t always bad things.)


The answer is what will make the difference between sustaining your healthy lifestyle for the long haul and struggling with an on again off again yo-yo diet/lifestyle.

Stop and consider the options available

For my computer situation I looked at all the options for being able to keep doing my work. I can do a lot on my iPad. I’m writing this on it now. I can teach on it. I prefer to do my coaching on it. I can do some of my design work on it. And I have access to an old computer that I can use until I can get mine repaired.

Ok it’s not perfect but I can do what I need to do.

What options do you have? Where can you find even 10 minutes to do a yoga pose or two? What quick and easy meal vegan options are available at your local grocery? How can you plan for several meals at one time? Who provides healthy meal service? What restaurants and menu items are near your Jamaica lodging?

Create a plan that takes advantage of these options.

I needed to figure out how to get access to any accounts I use. I thought about what software I need to install on the backup computer. I made a plan to get access to what I need.

What’s your plan? Here’s a couple of posts that can help you make a plan to get through to the other side of whatever monkey wrench you are facing. Here is How To Stick To Your Living Foods Diet When You’re Too Tired To Eat Right or  How I Survived Business Travel As A Raw Vegan or Busy Persons Guide To Taking Care Of Yourself. There are others. Look in the Yo-Yo Vegan resource page.

Review and reflect and revise as needed.

The last step is to see what’s working and where you need to make adjustments as you are going along. My backup computer doesn’t support the current versions of some software I use. I had to contact the company to gain access to be able revert back to older versions.

This monkey wrench is a hassle but I’m back up and running. I can do what I need and want to do until things return to normal. So can you! Don’t let the monkey wrenches or lemons in your life keep you from living the way you want to live.

What monkey wrench has thrown your healthy lifestyle off track? How did you handle it? What can you learn that can help you do better next time? Leave a comment below!

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2 Comments on “How To Avoid A Backslide When Life Gives You Lemons

Velma Cooper
01/26/2020 at 8:12 pm

This email was very uplifting and came just when I needed to focus on how to use the lemons and monkey wrenches for positive tools to life challenges.

Velma Cooper

Ama Opare
01/27/2020 at 5:49 am

Velma! So good to hear from you. You can do this. We’re here to help.


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