Equipping Your Vegan Kitchen

Eating vegan and especially raw vegan does require some kitchen re-tooling. Some items can be somewhat expensive but you don't necessarily have to get everything right away. You may be able to find some items used at thrift shops or online on sites like ebay or

Here are the items I have in my kitchen and what we recommend based on experience and research. Some of these are affiliate links and if you purchase using one of these links I will earn a small commission (at no cost to you.) If you are in the market for any of these please consider purchasing using the links provided here and help support the work we do. Click on an image to see purchase information.

High Speed Blender

If you can only afford one high ticket item make it a high speed blender. It makes short work of making smoothies, dressings, batters etc and for grinding nuts and seeds. The two most popular brands are Vita-Mix and Bendtec. We have the Blendtec. The Vita-Mix has recently added many of the features that used to be available only on the Blendtec such as the automatic and timed cycles that start slow and gradually speed up and then shut off at the end of the set time. This allows for better blending by keeping the contents moving freely. The Vita-Mix has a tamper that you can use during the blending process to keep the contents moving and down near the blades, but frankly, I have never felt the need for that feature with my Blendtec.

Food Processor

This is a must. Fortunately you can make do with an inexpensive one if needed. You can often find used ones. The food processor is great for making pates, pie crusts, doughs, and for general chopping. If you have shredding and slicing blades it will make short work of prepping food for your recipes. Cuisenart is a well known brand that offers both higher end models as well as inexpensive ones. Choose one with a large bowl or one that has both large and small bowls.


I added a NutriBullet to my kitchen mostly to use when I travel. It fit in my suitcase and allowed me to make smoothies in the morning while I was on the road. I found I use it at home also for times the full blender or food processor is not needed. This is a nice addition but I survived just fine without it for many years. The ads you see show how much better it does than a blender for making smoothies but it is comparing to a standard blender not a high speed blender such as the Bendtec.


If you plan to do any fasting or juicing a juicer is needed. There are a wide variety of types of juicers depending on what you plan to juice. For general juicing a centrifugal juicer is quick to use and will juice most fruits and veggies well. Either the Omega or Breville brands are quality juicers.  This one is a Breville.

Citrus Juicer

We drink fresh squeezed orange juice everyday or use it for making our smoothies in the morning. There is nothing like fresh squeezed orange juice. A good citrus press makes quick work of this job. It also makes using fresh lemon or lime juice in recipes a snap. We use the Hamilton Beach press. This is not an electrical device although you can find powered citrus juicers on the market as well. 

Sedona Dehydrator


For raw foodists a dehydrator really widens the range of recipes you can use. Making kale chips, dehydrated breads and crackers, as well as drying fruit and veggies when you have them in abundance are all possible with a dehydrator. Ditch the microwave and put your dehydrator in its place. My favorite is the Sedona Rawfood  Dehydrator by Tribest. I love the clear front so I can see what's happening in it, the digital timer and temperature control and the controls on the front of the machine. They offer a Refurbished Dehydrator as well.


To make nice long vegetable noodles this gadget is a must have. You can use it to spiralize zucchini, carrots, beets, etc. This is handy in a raw food kitchen and can help you create many tasty dishes.


This gadget is handy for slicing firm vegetables and fruit. But be VERY careful. It is easy to slice your finger or knuckles as well. If you have a slicing blade for your food processor you will probably not use this much. Of course you can just use knives.

Sharp knives

One key part of eating healthy is preparing things yourself instead of relying on pre chopped, pre made food. With a good set of sharp knives, (and a knife sharpener to keep them that way) you will make your time in the kitchen go faster and smoother.

Garlic Press etc.

I use a LOT of garlic. Fresh garlic adds so much flavor to all types of foods. A garlic press makes mincing garlic a breeze.

Other items to have on hand are peelers, graters, measuring spoons, cutting boards, measuring cups, strainers etc. These items are inexpensive and will make your kitchen prep easier.

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