Eating Vegan And The Struggle For Justice

I posted on Facebook the other day about how much I’m thinking about those of you in the US. Here in Tanzania we feel at peace and safe. But we are watching what is going on over there for you, our friends and family. We worry and get angry at what’s happening. And we say if you’re wanting to repatriate to the Motherland DO IT!

I’m working on writing about our journey because I know there are lots of questions.  I’d love to hear your questions so I can try to answer them. You can post them below, post them on our Facebook page, email me, or use the contact us form here on the site.


In the mean time, here are four posts from our archives about the food revolution and the relationship between what we eat and our struggle for justice that are relevant to today.

Fighting For Food Justice

Recent news events and headlines shine the light on the injustices black folks face here in the US. The #BlackLivesMatter movement is calling for a change. As horrifying and maddening as these incidents are, they are only the tip of the iceberg in the ongoing and systematic disregard for the rights and needs of the brown and black people around the world.

Here is how your food choices are one part of working for justice for our brothers and sisters around the world.

Why Eating Vegan Is More Important Than Ever

A vegan diet is the only diet consistent with long-term health and vitality. The scientific and public health evidence has been overwhelmingly clear for decades. Consumption of all forms of animal products are the primary causative factor of fifteen out of sixteen causes of morbidity and mortality in the US. As our consumption of these products has increased in today’s society, so has the incidence of disease, disability and the death that results. This nutritional catastrophe has shown greater impact on people of Afrikan descent.

The Matrix And Your Health: How Big Business Is Profiting By Making You Unhappy And Unhealthy

Today I had the pleasure (not) of going to the DMV to renew my license. I was struck by just how fake the new normal is. Fake hair, fake lashes, fake food. The media and powers that be have done a fabulous job in convincing us that we are not good enough just as we are. They have taught us that we must constantly strive for more, better, faster, newer, whatever. We must always strive to be who and what we are not. And we comply at our own peril while big business profits mightily. This is the matrix made real. Here is a video to illustrate this process.

Food Fight

I have had a hard time writing lately. For one thing I wrote myself out during the September MoFo, posting everyday. But mostly right now with all that is going on here in the US, writing about food seems insignificant in the wake of the killing of our black brothers and sisters.

Last night I realized that if indeed #BlackLivesMatter then I must write about food. While this Euro dominated society we live in has its guns aimed at us it also has its poisonous foods aimed at us. We must stay aware of not just the overt acts of aggression against us but also the less obvious ones.

Your food choices are even more than a matter of losing weight or improving your health. They can be a powerful statement and tool for resisting the forces of greed and corruption around the globe.  What do you think?

Blessings to you all. 


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