Chemical Soup: What’s In Your Breakfast?

KrispyKremeWhat’s your typical breakfast? I am sure you have heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day haven’t you? This may or may not be true but it can certainly set the tone for the rest of the day. Krispy Crack–I mean–Kream anyone?

In the past few years there have been a plethora of documentaries about the impact of food. Food Inc, Food Matters, Forks over Knives, Eating, Hungry For Change and Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead. The message in all of these documentaries is that the most powerful thing we can do to impact our health and the health of the planet is the choices we make about what we eat.

Another movie was Processed People. It talks about the impact of the processed food that has become the mainstay of many people’s diets. Here is a label that might be a Processed Persons breakfast.  The beloved donut. How many ingredients are there?


While researching information for the Politics of Eating segment included in the Healthy Eating Success course I came across an amazing and frightening article about the 50+ ingredients in a Krispy Kream donut (a homemade donut should have only 8 ingredients). So I went out to see for myself and took this photo.

CoffeeMateLabelYes indeed, 50+ ingredients, most of which are not really food at all. Combine that with a nice cup of coffee with Coffee-mate and it’s 12+ ingredients you have started your day with a chemical soup that offers you very little to actually provide you fuel to accomplish your goals for the day.

It will give you a sugar high, induce cravings for more, and load your body with substances it doesn’t recognize nor is it designed to dispose of.

Want to learn more? Here is the link to the KK article and another to a resource on just what all those chemicals are and what their health impacts are.

Why not start your day with a fruit/veggie smoothie instead? It is packed with flavor and the nutrients you need to stay energized and alert throughout your morning. Here is my favorite recipe. Or how about a fruit salad? Or even a kale salad. Fuel your day like this and you are off to a healthy, high energy start.

What do you think? Do you notice a difference in your day depending on what you eat for breakfast? How does eating processed food make you feel? What is your favorite healthy breakfast?

Leave your comments below.

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3 Comments on “Chemical Soup: What’s In Your Breakfast?

Byron McGee
02/25/2014 at 10:24 am

If I were to start a garden, what should I plant, in priority, to yield the most benefit?

Ama Opare
02/25/2014 at 1:06 pm

It depends on your site is like and what you most will use. I would recommend collards and Kale, tomatoes and peppers as good producers. The greens do better in cooler weather, the tomatoes and peppers like it hot.

Pat Richardson
02/05/2014 at 1:04 pm

Mrs. Opare,please consider a vegetarian restaurant.


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