Dr. Tseng’s Magic Healing Soup

Whenever one of us or one of Dr. Opare’s patients has cold or flu like symptoms he recommends this Magic Healing soup recipe that he learned in the 1980s in San Fransisco from Dr. Andrew Tseng, his mentor during his training in Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. Fortunately it’s also delicious! It’s a regular on…

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Answers To Your Questions About Coming To TZ For The Retreat

coming to tanzania

If you’re thinking about coming to Tanzania for the PamojaLive 2020 Roots Of Wellness retreat November 28-December 5, 2020 and you’re anything like me you’ve probably got questions.  Today I’ve got answers to the questions I’ve been hearing! I remember the first time we were planning to travel together to Africa. We were planning to move…

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