Have You Got The Teeth For Beef? Why You ARE Vegan

have you got the teeth for beef

Have you got the teeth for beef? In this video Nana Kwaku Opare, MD, MPH, CA shares why you ARE vegan. Or at least you should be. This excerpt from our Healthy Eating Success course details how the human body is designed for a plant-based diet and why eating meat is a problem. Understanding this concept…

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Sticking To A Vegan Diet: Turning Your Failures Into Success

turn your vegan lifestyle failures into your success

When you’re making changes and learning new skills (like going vegan) your failures are an important part of being successful. In this video that I did in my Black Vegan Academy Facebook group. I share how to turning your failures into success is a key part of sticking to your vegan diet. We all have…

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The Thrive Framework – How To Stick To Your Healthy Diet And Lifestyle

The THRIVE FRAMEWORK is a proven, simple to follow framework to FIND WHAT WORKS FOR YOU so you can stick to eating healthy and you healthy habits. What’s the difference between those who have fully adopted a vegan lifestyle and those who can’t stay motivated and consistent?  It isn’t that they have more will power….

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