Black Vegans Tell Their Story

Breeze Harper Sistah Vegan

Black Vegetarian: A. Breeze Harper

Meet A. Breeze Harper, author of the book Sistah Vegan: Black Vegans Speak on Food, Identity, Health and Society and a blog by the same name. Breeze shares her journey from fibroid tumors to health, h…


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Black Vegetarian: Vanya Francis

Meet Vanya Francis, yoga instructor and co-owner of Om Point Yoga, wellness coach, mompreneur, and mostly raw vegan. She offers great tips for parents, talks about wellness as a lifestyle and shares h…


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By Any Greens Necessary by Black Vegan Tracye McQuirter

Black Vegan: Tracye McQuirter

Today’s interview is with black vegan Tracye McQuirter, a vegan trailblazer and public health nutrition expert, who was recently named a food hero by Vegetarian Times. Her national best-seller,…


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Black Vegetarian: Aba Bailey

Ama: How long have you been a vegetarian? Aba Bailey: I became a vegetarian in 73, so 40 years, when I moved down here from Detroit. Before that I ate everything. I got involved with a Pan-African org…


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