An Action Plan For Thriving While Vegan During The Holidays

The holiday season and family gatherings can pose a real problem for you if you aren’t secure and stable in your vegan lifestyle. It can even knock a long-time vegan off their game if you’re not careful. But you CAN enjoy the holidays AND stay true to your commitment to yourself to eat right. That’s why I help my clients create a system and a plan that makes the holidays work for them.

I don’t subscribe to the supposed meaning of the holidays of this season but I have often still participated in my family gatherings. Family is very important to me. These gatherings have always been about being together, and celebrating the connections we have. When I was young we used these times to come together for family projects such as making tree ornaments. I have many fond memories of sitting around our kitchen table with cousins and aunts and uncles laughing about some crazy thing someone was making or being in awe of the beautiful creation my mother was focused on. Like an intricately painted cardinal bird that hung on our tree for years. This is what the holidays are for me.

My first vegan Thanksgiving (or Thanksfortaking if you will) was only a little over a month from when I went vegan. The next year I was eating all raw. I have to admit it was a struggle. I did feel left out and deprived as the foods I had loved for years passed me by. I had to deal with family members teasing me and asking me a hundred questions. The year I want raw I even left the dinner table in tears after enduring a number of sarcastic comments from some unnamed folks. Now people are used to my weird diet. Some are even moving in the direction of eating more plant-based even if they aren’t all the way there yet.

In this video I share 10 steps for creating your action plan for Thriving While Vegan at your holiday family gatherings.

Take an hour or so to go through the questions and to write your answers down. Then create a plan for yourself so you’ll have a holiday you remember for all the right reasons. Download your action plan template here.

Can you see how this process can make a big difference for you? I believe your vegan life should be flavorful, satisfying and fit your real-world life. It shouldn’t be about deprivation and sacrifice. Take the time to set yourself up for success. By making a plan for succeeding you can discover the difference between THRIVING and failing. Maybe even failing again and again.

I want you to succeed. That’s why I created a three session Vegan For The Holidays program. During our time together you’ll develop vital skills that you’ll be able to use all year long and in any situation to make sure you can Thrive While Vegan while living in the real world.

This will be a highly customized experience based on your personal situation. For example: We can help you plan a menu to please everyone in attendance. We can focus on your travel plans. We can look for ways to adjust your family traditions to accommodate your needs as well.

Space in my calendar is limited so don’t wait! Get your Vegan For The Holidays personalized help today.

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Ama Opare
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No more pegan activities


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