Activating Your Healing Superpower

You have by now, no doubt, seen countless reports about how to stay healthy with the current Coronavirus situation expanding around the world. And while I am not discounting doing any of those things you’ve heard you should do, washing your hands often, covering your mouth when you cough, etc, today I’m talking about activating your own healing superpower so you don’t have to live in fear.

Your body is an amazing healing machine. It has an incredible ability to heal itself. I still have a small scar from the time I jammed a knife into my hand just below my index finger trying to get the seed out of an avocado. Wasn’t a pretty site! Nana Kwaku taped it back together and bandaged me up real good. The whole experience inspired a Facebook post on knife safety! 

Even though I still see traces of that incident 10 years later, my body miraculously mended itself, and stitched my hand back together. 

Or how about that seasonal “crud” that goes around and lays you up for a week?  That “crud” caught me off guard last May and reminded me that I wasn’t taking proper care of myself. I did a video about it on YouTube. Still, my body returned itself to its normal healthy condition. 

If you provide your body with the conditions it needs to run in optimal condition it can stay on top of preventing you from getting sick in the first place. Your magical body also has the ability to speed up your recovery and minimize the impact of the illness. 

How can your turn on our superpower? 

Knowing these secrets are the Roots of Wellness. It has nothing to do with supplements or tinctures and everything to do with returning to your natural way of living.

Superpower Activators 

These are the things that you need to do on a regular basis to avoid catching whatever nasty bug is going around. And, if you DO get sick it will allow you to recover as quickly as possible. This is what Nana Kwaku talks about when he talks about following your Rulebook And User Guide For Healthy Living. 

Activator #1 – Eat healthy food high in nutrients and antioxidants. That’s fresh fruits and veggies in abundance. It includes whole grains, nuts, seeds, legumes. In other words a whole-foods, plant-based diet. This in itself is a huge help.

Activator #2 – Drink plenty of fresh clean water. Drink enough to keep your urine almost colorless. 

Activator #3 – Get outside and get some sunshine on your skin. Not vitamin D pills. I’m talking going outside to get sun on your face and body. 

Activator #4 – Get enough rest. Slow your roll from time to time. Sit your butt down. You don’t need to be going full speed ahead all the time. Take time to rest and sleep to allow your body to do it’s healing work. (This is the one I struggle with the most.)

Activator #5 – Be on purpose and doing the work that you are called to do. 

Activator #6 – Do your spiritual work, whatever that means to you. Saying your prayers, meditation, talking to your ancestors. 

Activator #7 – Move your body every day. Yes, you need to rest. But you also need to get up and move. Go take a walk. Do some yoga. Exercise every day. 

Activator #8 – Avoid toxins. The alcohol, the cigarettes, the caffeine, the recreational and prescription drugs, the sugar, etc., and as much as possible the toxins in your environment. 

These are the basic Superpower Activators. By doing these things you will go a long way towards providing an environment in which your body can run optimally. To be able to do its best to heal and set up defenses to protect you from the local “crud”. 

There is more you can and should do that will take you even further on your quest for optimal health. If you’re ready to explore your superpowers in more depth, check out Dr. Opare’s Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy Living.

Or schedule a consultation with him to talk about your specific health concerns.

So yes, wash your hands, avoid contact with sick people, cover your mouth when you cough, stay home when you’re sick, to avoid falling prey to or spreading this Coronavirus. 

But more importantly, set yourself up for optimal health by activating your healing superpower. Then go ahead and enjoy your life. Because sickness doesn’t have to be a part of your life. 

You are not helpless. There’s something you can do to take care of yourself and stop living in fear.

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The Rule Book And User Guide For Healthy Living

A guidebook for those who are ready to step off the beaten track of ever-increasing disease, medications and procedures, and instead take the path toward greater health and vitality.

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5 Comments on “Activating Your Healing Superpower

04/15/2020 at 4:12 pm

A wonderful post! My husband is an essential employee so he still has to go into the office. I’ve been making dandelion smoothies and serving up salad and extra vegetables at dinner.

We have 2 small children (2 & 5) so I have made my kitchen a place of wellness. One thing that has been encouraging during this time is that the produce section of the grocery story is still abundant! I’ve been getting fresh fruit, greens and herbs.

Ama Opare
04/16/2020 at 7:23 am

You are giving your family the gift of health! Congratulations Sophia

Pius Kimario
03/28/2020 at 2:28 pm

That’s great say mum! Hope I can join the retreat if possible.

maina azimio
03/14/2020 at 10:58 pm

This is good Ama
You’re a breadth of hope in a time of hopelessness
When people are scared stiff of Covid 19 you make is so simple.

Am greatly encouraged!
I will not be scared of Corona or any other Virus or bacterial infections. I will strengthen my defense system and do all it takes to boost my immunity. I can’t wait for Pamoja Live in November

Ama Opare
03/16/2020 at 4:32 am

Nice Maina! And we can’t wait for you to join us.


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