About Ama Opare

I’m a plant-based lifestyle coach, vegan and raw vegan chef, cook book author, and co-owner of the Opare Institute.

Since 2019 I’ve worked closely with and studied under Nana Kwaku Opare, MD, MPH, CA, a dietitian and physician focused on natural healing through diet and lifestyle change.

My coaching clients discover their own personal recipe for how to make a healthy diet and lifestyle work for them to create abundant health and go from vegan wanna-be to Thriving While Vegan! 

They go from self-sabotage to taking control. From mealtime boredom to loving what they eat. From being tempted by all the wrong choices to making the right decisions. And from sick and tired to vibrant and healthy.

Ama Opare plant-based lifestyle coach

I know how hard it can be to make the plant-based lifestyle work

  • It's hard to be resilient and make the right decisions when you're surrounded by all the wrong choices and your friends and family don't support you.
  • You feel like garbage when you give into bad cravings, especially when you're all stressed out and people around you are eating that way.
  • It can be really hard to filter through all the opinions on what's healthy and what's not.
  • And it's hard to stay committed when you're bored with your food and don't know what to eat.

In the end you feel ashamed, worried, and helpless to stop your downward slide.

Not so long ago that was me. 

I was over weight, worried about my health and I couldn’t control my cravings for burgers and fries. I was forever going to Wendy’s for a mushroom swiss burger, often stopping on my way back to work from a supply shopping trip, even when I had told myself I wasn’t going to. I’d scarf it down greedily, and then feel terrible about my self!

I WANTED to go vegetarian to get healthy (I didn’t even know about vegan then) but I didn’t know how. I’d go to the food co-op and try to figure out what I should buy. When I got home I struggled to make it taste good! And everything was cheese, cheese, cheese.

I reconnected with Nana Kwaku Opare, MD, MPH, CA who I had known in high school and college and he opened the door to a new way of life for me. He’s a physician and dietitian who has spent decades helping people like me make the plant-based lifestyle a reality. We rekindled an old flame and in 2010 we were married.

Since that time I’ve worked closely with and trained under Dr. Opare. I’ve seen first hand the power that diet and lifestyle can have for healing and well being. Sickness doesn’t have to be a part of your life! 

I’m a teacher at heart and I was eager to share what I had discovered to help other folks like me figure out how to make being plant-based work. In 2010 we joined forces to create the Opare Institute and combine my decades of education experience and his wholistic approach to health and healing. 

Opare Institute provides life changing results for folks just like you who are ready to take charge of their health and well-being by adopting a plant-based lifestyle. Food For The Soul is one part of that work.

You Have Everything You Need To Be Healthy In You Right Now!

You don’t need some magic potion or cookie cutter program. To start THRIVING as a Vegan you need a tailor made recipe for success. A recipe that takes into account your life, your struggles, your goals and your style.

When we work together I’ll help you discover and implement your personal recipe for success.

Our #Blaxit!

In 2016 we packed up our life in Atlanta, GA and moved across the world to Arusha, Tanzania, in East Afrika. We’re spreading the power of the plant-based lifestyle here where recently the epidemic of diabetes and high blood pressure has skyrocketed due to the change in diets.

A portion of Opare Institute’s revenue goes to support our work here. One of the programs we’re providing is nutrition education classes for diabetic patients in area hospitals. Many people are eager to learn and are taking control of their health.  We are doing our part to create a global food revolution!

Helping you Thrive as a Vegan is my passion

Thriving While Vegan means you’ll have the confidence, conviction, resilience and enjoyment you want and need to stick to your goals no matter what. When you’re THRIVING While Vegan you’ll:

  • Enjoy great food that satisfies you and makes you feel good;
  • Have confidence wherever you go so you can enjoy social settings AND stick to your convictions;
  • Be clear about vegan nutrition so you can just relax and enjoy your food without the mental obsession;
  • Tackle your cravings without shaming and blaming.

As your plant-based lifestyle coach, my philosophy is that ...

  • A healthy lifestyle shouldn’t be complicated. A common sense approach will dissolve your confusion, stand the test of time and outlast the latest fad diet.
  • You are your own best resource for success. Learning to listen to what your experiences and body is telling you is the foundation of creating a plan that fits your unique needs and will change your life. The best wisdom comes from within.
  • Healthy food should be delicious! You don’t have to sacrifice taste to be healthy. In fact you'll be able to love your food even more once you know the secrets of flavorful food.
  • Being vegan doesn't have to mean cutting yourself off from your friends and family. You can incorporate real-world navigation tactics so you can THRIVE in spite of your non-vegan world.

When you work privately with me you’ll walk away with:

  • Clarity about what your personalized healthy diet and lifestyle really is
  • Strength and resolve to stay on your healthy lifestyle course no matter what life brings your way
  • The confidence and skills to create food you love to eat

Are You Ready To Stop Struggling And Start Thriving?

I’m here to show you how. Click the button to find out how coaching can help and how you can work privately with me no matter where in the world you live.