Coconut Rice With Peas And Carrots

It has been very exciting to me to explore the recipes and ingredients that are common here in Northern Tanzania. Coconut rice is a Tanzanian favorite. This recipe uses coconut cream and turmeric along with green peas and carrots. This dish uses only a few ingredients and takes no more than 45 minutes from start to EAT! Just put the rice and veggies and spices in a pot, sauté a bit then add the coconut cream and water. Simmer until done. Simple but satisfying flavors I’m loving. The left overs taste great too. I even used leftovers to make an amazing soup.

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North African Lentil, Kale and Winter Squash Stew

It is cold in Atlanta today so some soup sounded perfect. This recipe is adapted from the North African Pumpkin Stew recipe in the book Fire and Spice and boy is it good! Robin uses canned beans and tomatoes in her recipes but I prefer to avoid the canned items and use fresh veggies and dry beans instead. I have an abundance of kale right now and I wanted to get some greens into us so I added that the recipe too.

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