Raw Un-Fish Cakes

Are you like many folks who love seafood? I often hear people talk about how they eat vegan except for occasional fish or seafood. If you have a hard time giving up the seafood (or even if you don’t) here is a vegan and living foods recipe for you. Think…

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Mashed Potatoes With Cabbage

I’m always looking for new and interesting recipes to add to my menus. I guess I get bored easy. This week I had potatoes and cabbage. I usually just boil them together with onions and carrots. Maybe throw in some vegan Italian sausage. I wanted something different. I found a recipe for Irish colcannon. I liked the basic concept. As usual, I added my own twist to satisfy our preference for vegan dishes with lots of flavor. The result was delicious!

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North African Lentil, Kale and Winter Squash Stew

It is cold in Atlanta today so some soup sounded perfect. This recipe is adapted from the North African Pumpkin Stew recipe in the book Fire and Spice and boy is it good! Robin uses canned beans and tomatoes in her recipes but I prefer to avoid the canned items and use fresh veggies and dry beans instead. I have an abundance of kale right now and I wanted to get some greens into us so I added that the recipe too.

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Indian Curried Lentils With Cauliflower

Indian Curried Lentils With Caulifower

The food from many cultures is perfect to add to a vegan diet. One of my favorites is Indian food. There are many different varieties of Dal depending on the type of lentil or bean used, the spices and other ingredients added. For a helpful guide to types of lentils…

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