5 Ways To Get Control Of Your Cravings

Getting control of your cravings can be a challenge but it’s an important thing to learn how to do. Without some strategies for what to do when your cravings hit you’ll have a hard time sticking to your healthy vegan diet and lifestyle.

In this video, recorded a couple of years ago, I share 5 ways you can get back in control when those cravings hit. You probably won’t be able to stop the cravings from happening but you CAN learn how to keep them from taking over.

Cravings are a part of life, especially with the high stress, fast paced life that you may be struggling with. When you’re faced with things that make you anxious, push all your buttons or eat up your time, it’s understandable that you want something to make you feel better. For many people this is food.

Unfortunately, comfort foods are often not a part of a healthy vegan lifestyle. For me it was whatever special burger was available at Wendy’s. Especially if it had some gooey cheese on it. And of course you have to have fries with that! Even if I wasn’t really hungry, on days I was feeling overwhelmed I would swing into that drive-thru when I was running errands for work.

Understanding  your craving triggers and learning what to do to short circuit the trigger so you’re able to stay in control is an important part of being able to stick to your convictions to eat right. This is one area I work on a lot with my coaching clients.

I discovered that pushing myself too hard, not taking a break and getting over tired was (and still is) a recipe for a downward slide towards my unhealthy behaviors. I have to continually pay attention to my energy level and listen to my body when it says “TIME OUT!” It’s an ongoing process.

After you watch the video I want to hear from you. What do you crave? What causes your cravings to hit? Leave a comment below.

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