You’ve Fallen Off The Wagon, Now What?

One thing I can be pretty darn sure of is that for all of us who are committed to a healthy lifestyle, we will at some time “fall off the wagon” to some degree. That may not mean we go full-blown back to eating meat and dairy.

It may mean, as it does for me, not eating the optimal diet you would like to stick to. For me falling off the wagon is going back to eating primary cooked. Eating too much processed or too much fried. It means going back to including oil in my dishes.

It may mean you start eating dairy or meat every once in a while. It may mean you eat vegan except you do eat non-vegan desserts.

Or it may mean you fall all the way off.

But I’m willing to bet that you have fallen off at least once!

Many things can throw you off. A stressful time may mean you reach for old comfort foods. Traveling is a common time to fall off the wagon because it takes more effort to find or plan for vegan or raw meals.

Another common time is the holidays. The upcoming winter holidays are so wrapped up in eating and family and tradition. It has been the undoing of plenty of well-meaning and committed vegans.

So, given that we are very likely to fall of the wagon to some degree at some point, how do we get back on that wagon and return to our healthy diet and lifestyle? This is an essential thing to figure out if you are going to make this a lifestyle work for a lifetime.

4 Things To Do To Get Back On That Wagon

Make a commitment

Decide when you are going to put an end to your errant ways and start again. Pick a date in the next week or so that you can realistically achieve.

Then decide what you're committing to do. For example: "I commit to eating 100% vegan and at least 75% raw."

Clear the runway

Go through your kitchen and get rid of all the offending items. Restock your pantry with only the healthy food you intend to eat.

Clear your schedule too, of activities that may block you from reaching your goals. Consider doing a juice fast to help push the reset button and break your addictions.

Reflect on what happened

Take time to write down how you got into this mess. What led you to this place? What started it? Who were you with or where you when you took that first step off the side of the wagon?

What do you need to do to prevent it from happening again? What new skills or understanding do you need to acquire to insure you have what it takes to withstand the obstacles that are bound to come your way?

Get support

We all need support. Especially in a culture that is set up to encourage you to fail. Find someone(s) who can help you stay accountable to your goals. Maybe they too need to get back up on that wagon. How can you encourage each other?

Or get group support. This Saturday, October 22 at 10 am EST we’ll be hosting a live group coaching session for members of Pamoja! We’ll be talking about this issue of getting back up once you fall and how to prevent falling off in the first place. And Nana Kwaku will be on hand to answer nutrition questions.

If you’re not a member of Pamoja! we invite you to join the community and catch this group coaching session as well as all of the other training, support and resources that are included.

Join the community before the end of the day Friday, October 21 and get all the information about how to log in via phone or your computer. 

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