What Are Your Favorite Black Owned Vegetarian Restaurants?

Alluette's Cafe Charleston SC
At Alluette's Cafe in Charleston SC

Here in Atlanta we have quite a few black owned vegetarian or vegan or raw food restaurants. These include Lovin It Live, Healthful Essence, Tasilli's Raw Reality, Soul Vegetarian, Drink Art  just to name a few.

I know there are many more both here and around the US and the world. I want to build as comprehensive list as possible so that we can all find great food wherever we are and at the same time support our black owned businesses.

I need your help to create this comprehensive list. Do you know about black owned vegetarian restaurants in your area? Have you come across places as you travel around the country or the world? Did you find places that were not completely vegetarian but made a point to provide vegetarian and vegan or maybe even raw food options? If so I want to know about them.

Please fill out the form below to submit restaurants you know about. These must be black owned. They must be vegan or vegetarian or live food or be intentionally vegetarian friendly. Please include a web address if possible to help me locate it and provide complete information. I will compile all of your suggestions and post it here on Food For The Soul.

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Thank you!


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