Rawtella-Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

I have been thinking about rawtella for some time. I saw that a commercial rawtella (a raw version of the popular Nutella spread) was available. I have never bought it but I decided to try to make it…


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Samosa Potato Skins

I have been busy working on creating vegan finger foods to serve at my daughters upcoming wedding. There well be mostly NON vegan guests and I want to be sure it satisfied vegans and non-vegans alike.…


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Eggplant bacon on sandwich

Eggplant Bacon

I recently receive several eggplants in our CSA box. I decided to use them to make a live food bacon. This is a quick and easy recipe. Having this bacon on hand is a great way to add some variety to …


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Onion Dip

Curried Onion Dip

Earlier this week I mentioned this recipe in my review of the book Raw Energy. Here is my adaption of the recipe. It is very tasty and could easily be served to guests. While this is in a raw food rec…


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DIY Crushed Red Pepper

One of the joys and problems of growing a garden is that often your harvest is larger than you can eat. Right now I have  an abundance of cayenne peppers in my garden. I decided to make my own crush…


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How To Grow Your Own Sprouts

Sprouts are a great way to add flavor and a nutrient packed live food to your salads, sandwiches, juices or smoothies, or other recipes. They also are the base for recipes such as raw chili, dehydrate…


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