Vegan Side Dish Recipes

vegan vegetable gumbo

Vegetable Gumbo

Looking for a really fast and easy recipe? This is it! I created it because I had a bunch of beautiful ripe and ready veggies that needed using up. I chopped everything up, put it all in a pan and sta…


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Mashed Potatoes With Cabbage

I'm always looking for new and interesting recipes to add to my menus. I guess I get bored easy. This week I had potatoes and cabbage. I usually just boil them together with onions and carrots. Maybe …


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Raw Corn On The Cob

Raw Corn On The Cob

It is the season of BBQ and corn on the cob. Just because you are eating vegan or raw doesn't mean you have to miss out on all of the great flavors. Corn on the cob is great raw. Just by itself. But t…


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Samosa Potato Skins

I have been busy working on creating vegan finger foods to serve at my daughters upcoming wedding. There well be mostly NON vegan guests and I want to be sure it satisfied vegans and non-vegans alike.…


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Thai Marinade Broccoli

One of the things I love about marinated vegetables is the endless variations that are possible. It is a wonderful way to include raw veggies in your meal no matter what your theme is. This variety us…


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