Vegan And Raw Breakfast Recipes

Raw Overnight Refrigerator Oatmeal

Deciding what to eat for breakfast can be one of the hardest things to figure out when you're eating vegan or raw vegan. This raw overnight refrigerator oatmeal is satisfying and filling and we think …


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Sweet and Spicy Porridge

Breakfast is sometimes a challenge for people. Especially those eating a living food diet. Smoothies are great but sometimes you need a change. This recipe is a hearty cereal that is naturally sweeten…


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Scrambled Tofu

Do you ever wonder what to eat for breakfast? Especially on the weekend mornings when you want something special? Well, tofu scramble is for you! Believe it or not I had never made it before this past…


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Chia Porridge

If you are used to having a hot cereal, here is a recipe for you. This is a raw alternative to oatmeal. Chia seeds absorb liquid and become gelatinous when soaked. They have a consistency similar to t…


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Corn Grits or Polenta

A reader asked about organic grits. This recipe is how we eat them. This is not something we eat regularly but when we want a warm, stick to your ribs kind of start to the day this is an option. We al…


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Fresh Raw Almond Milk

For several years now I have been telling students in our healthy eating classes that I would make my own almond milk. That I had heard how easy it was. Somehow I just never gave it a try. However a r…


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