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Join us in Pamoja! Everything you need to make your plant-based lifestyle accessible, achievable and enjoyable

Pamoja is a Swahili word that means together. This is the place where we can come together to learn, support each other and make this vegan or raw food lifestyle work for us. Pamoja! Together in the food revolution.

Inside Pamoja! you’ll have access to training, resources, group coaching, and a community of others on the same journey. We want to be sure you’ll be able to create and sustain your healthy lifestyle for the long haul. Click here to find out more.

One-On-One Coaching

Sometimes having the one-on-one support of a coach can make all the difference. I've got your back!

When we work together I'll provide the guidance and structure you need to figure out why what you've been doing isn't working. We'll create a plan to cope with your emotional eating and get control of your cravings.

I’m ready to help you start loving your healthy diet and lifestyle. You'll feel good about your lifestyle change and making the best change for yourself. Find out more.

Articles From Our Blog Archive

  • How To Stick To Your Living Foods Diet When You Are Too Tired To Eat Right Recently I had a conversation with a reader who echoes a problem I know many people have. “I want to eat raw but when I get home from work I am too tired to figure out what to fix so I end up eating vegan junk food.” Sound familiar? I know being tired is one of my downfalls too. So here are 10 fast and easy meals you can make. But first you do need to do a bit of work. There are links in this ... Read more
  • Dont Be A Vegangelist (Vegan Evangelist) It is very common to become a “Vegangelist” (Vegan Evangelist) when you first make the transition to a vegetarian/vegan/live food lifestyle. When you have discovered the power of a vegan or living food lifestyle and seen the changes in your life and the lives of others you want to spread the good news to all of your friends and family. Unfortunately many if not all of them will NOT be interested in hearing about your new discovery. This can be especially hard if someone you care ... Read more
  • Is The “American Dream” Blocking Your Healthy Lifestyle? I started to think about our so-called American Dream lifestyle that is really more of a Global Nightmare. I thought about those whose commitment to eating vegan or raw is not as intrenched or is nonexistent who make much less healthy choices then we do. For too many of us the fast food, restaurant, frozen food, eat mindlessly while driving or watching TV method of feeding ourselves is the norm. This Nightmare is impacting the health of people of Afrikan descent especially. It is leading ... Read more
  • Living Foods for Busy People I often hear people say they are too busy for a living foods or raw food diet. There is a common belief that raw foods take more time to prepare. I believe there is some truth to that notion but it is also true that eating a living food diet can be easier than a cooked food diet. I find I spend less time in the kitchen for raw food meals. Here is why: – ANY way of eating includes elaborate dishes that take many ingredients and ... Read more
  • Help! I’ve Fallen (Off the wagon) And I Can’t Get Up! So you HAD been doing great with your diet and healthy lifestyle but NOW you have gone back to some of your old ways. You don’t feel as good and you KNOW you should get back on track. But somehow you just can’t or don’t do it. Sound familiar? You are not alone. I think most of us have been there at some point. So now what? Here are some tips for getting up and back on track. We ALL are addicts. First recognize that you are an ... Read more
  • The Promise Of Vegan Nirvana Some people promise that if you go vegan you will …. be skinny, never have health problems, whatever. You know, reach Vegan Nirvana. You may feel disappointed in yourself because you haven’t gotten there. You may still be overweight. You may still get sick from time to time. You may find yourself falling off the wagon. The reality is what happens for you is an individual experience. There are too many contributing factors. Such as: What is your body type? The skinny as a rail type? Or the big-boned ... Read more
  • Busy Persons Guide For Taking Care Of Yourself Originally posted on So many times we put everyone else before our own selves. This is particularly true for us women. The kids need us. Our spouses need us. The boss is calling. My sister wants advice. Etc., etc. Where are you on the list of those who need your time and energy? Do you feel guilty when you take time out for yourself? I know I often suffer from this problem. I take my work seriously and I want to do the best job I can. ... Read more
  • 3 Mindsets To Help You Stick To Your Healthy Diet And Lifestyle Deciding you want to make a change to a new healthy diet and lifestyle is an important first step towards losing weight and improving your health. But will power is not usually enough to make it stick. In this video I share three mindsets that can help you be successful. The mindsets are: 1. Don’t focus on what you are giving up. Focus instead on the new things that are being added to your life and diet. 2. Don’t try to make your vegan/vegetarian food taste just like ... Read more

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