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Are You A Yo-Yo Vegan?

We all know that eating healthy is important for losing weight, healing and getting off medications, and increasing our energy level. More and more of us are choosing a vegan lifestyle for optimal hea…


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How To Battle Food Addictions

Nana Kwaku and I are addicts. So are you! We all have addictions to food in some form or another. Many of the foods we eat and crave have an addictive nature. Sugar, salt and fat all activate our…


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Eat A Rainbow-Forget About Supplements

Because of our work helping people heal through diet and lifestyle change and Nana Kwaku's training and background in nutrition, quite often people want to know about what supplements they should take…


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Dont Be A Vegangelist (Vegan Evangelist)

It is very common to become a "Vegangelist" (Vegan Evangelist) when you first make the transition to a vegetarian/vegan/live food lifestyle. When you have discovered the power of a vegan or living foo…


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