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The Optimum Fast


Optimum Fast e-book is an easy reference to guide you during your fast. It offers you the same information Nana Kwaku Opare, MD, MPH, CA teaches his patients to help them reach thei…

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Don’t Let This Stop You!

I’m willing to bet this past couple of weeks have been filled with emotional turmoil. There is much uncertainty for those who are living in the US right now. Many people are feeling despair, fear, a…


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You’ve Fallen Off The Wagon, Now What?

One thing I can be pretty darn sure of is that for all of us who are committed to a healthy lifestyle, we will at some time “fall off the wagon” to some degree. That may not mean we go full-blown …


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Putting An End To The “Exceptional” Vegan

Many times I hear people say they eat vegan “except”. Except when Grandma makes her caramel cake. Except when it’s girls night out at the seafood joint. Except over the holidays; gotta eat that …


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