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Pamoja is a Swahili word that means together. This is the place where we can come together to learn, support each other and make this vegan or raw food lifestyle work for us. Pamoja! Together in the food revolution.

Inside Pamoja! you’ll have access to training, resources, group coaching, and a community of others on the same journey. We want to be sure you’ll be able to create and sustain your healthy lifestyle for the long haul. Click here to find out more.

Articles From Our Blog Archive

  • The #1 Tool For Successfully Changing Your Diet Number One Tool For SuccessMaking the transition to or maintaining your vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is often challenging for people. Some folks start and stop many times. Others stay vegetarian for a good length of time and then fall off. Some may worry they aren’t eating the right things or attribute symptoms they are having to giving up animal products. Does this sound familiar to you? There are many forces out there that are trying to undermine your progress and confuse you. Advertisers and the food industry want to keep you ... Read more
  • The Courage To Change: Pushing Through Your Fear How do you feel when you are about to do something new? Do you sometimes feel afraid or frustrated or angry? Does that make you change your mind? Or do you do it anyway? These feelings are a normal part of making changes or learning something new. Having the courage to change and pushing through that fear is key to your progress. When my oldest daughter Kailey was younger she took piano lessons. She was really quite good. But whenever she got a new piece to learn ... Read more
  • The Most Important Thing You Need In Your Vegan Kitchen Pop quiz! What’s the most important thing you need in your kitchen to thrive in this food revolution and Love Your Vegan Life? Yes, there are new gadgets, appliances and ingredients that you need when transitioning to a vegan lifestyle and kitchen. However the most important thing you need is you and your adventurous spirit! Here’s what I recommend to anyone learning how to incorporate vegan or raw vegan dishes into their diets. So what do you say? Are you adventurous? Are you willing to experiment? If not ... Read more
  • The Ultimate Guide To What Vegans Eat For Breakfast  One question I often hear from new Vegans is “What do vegans eat for breakfast?” Here is the ultimate guide to what vegans eat for breakfast with 15 ideas including some of my favorite recipes. How To Build The Perfect Smoothie Smoothies are a staple for many health conscious folks. They are a great way to get more fruit and greens into your diet. Kids love them too! Green smoothies are a regular part of our breakfast menu. You can find many different recipes for smoothies but ... Read more
  • Transitioning To Vegetarian: Black Vegetarians Offer Their Tips Black Vegetarians Say Just Do ItThis is the final day of VeganMoFo 2014! Whew! Bloggers around the world have been posting (or at least trying to post ) every day during the month of September. I only missed 3 days out of the month. Now I am tired! You will probably not hear from me on this blog for a week! But I WILL be back to posting once or twice a week with more recipes and information you can use to support your healthy lifestyle. Today I bring you the ... Read more
  • Vegan-ize Your Favorite Recipes When you first go vegan you may wonder what you are going to eat. Chances are many of the things you already eat can easily be “vegan-ized.” Start by making a list of your favorite recipes that you make on a somewhat regular basis. Go ahead do it now … I’ll wait. …. Okay! Done with that? Good! Now pick one of those recipes and look at the ingredients. Which ingredients are already vegan? Which ingredients are the animal product ingredients? Now look at the animal products ingredients and ... Read more
  • What Is Living or Raw Foods? You probably have heard people (like me here on this site) talking about raw food or living foods or live food. You may have wondered what that is and why it matters. Let me explain. First of all people call it a variety of things. Some say raw food, some say living or live food. Some say sun-fired foods. Some may mean raw food when they speak of whole, unprocessed plant based food. All of these are referring to the same thing. Raw/live foods are: Vegan or plant-based Minimally processed Not ... Read more
  • Who Is Your “Uncle Ruckus”? You may have heard me talk about the Uncle Ruckus in your life. Just what do I mean by that? And what does this have to do with how you eat? Uncle Ruckus is a character on the cartoon strip and TV show Boondocks. Wikipedia describes him as “repellent in appearance, behavior, and attitude.” He is generally negative, critical, and he hates black people and being black.  So what does he have to do with being a black vegetarian?  Most of us have someone in our family or ... Read more