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Pamoja is a Swahili word that means together. This is the place where we can come together to learn, support each other and make this vegan or raw food lifestyle work for us. Pamoja! Together in the food revolution.

Inside Pamoja! you’ll have access to training, resources, group coaching, and a community of others on the same journey. We want to be sure you’ll be able to create and sustain your healthy lifestyle for the long haul. Click here to find out more.

Articles From Our Blog Archive

  • How To Stick To A Vegan or Vegetarian Diet Sticking to a vegan or vegetarian diet can be hard for some people. I often hear people say that they were vegetarian or vegan at one time or have tried to go vegetarian but can’t seem to maintain it. We all encounter trouble spots that can lead us off track. Here are seven steps you can take to help you overcome those trouble spots so that you can successfully maintain your healthy diet. 1. Educate yourself about why eating vegetarianism is important. Read books, watch videos, ... Read more
  • Kitchen Confidence And Why You Need It Our recent move to Arusha Tanzania has put me in the place of having to regain my kitchen confidence. I have for a long time talked about how important it is to get comfortable and confident in your kitchen. It is essential for being successful sustaining your plant-based diet and lifestyle. I’m having to revisit this process now. It took me several weeks to begin to feel confident again. I thought I would share my experience to help you in your own kitchen confidence/mastery process. When ... Read more
  • My Top 5 Favorite Raw Food Recipe Books A key to being successful when you are transitioning to a new healthier diet is to build a collection of recipes you enjoy making and eating. This is especially true when adopting a live or raw food diet. Here are my top five picks for living food recipe books. These are the ones I used in creating many of the recipes here on this site. I start with what is in the book and then make it my own. I often find I need to ... Read more
  • Seven Important Things Every Newbie Vegan or Vegetarian Should Know Are you new to the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle? If so you probably have lots of questions. I know I did. “What can I eat? Will I miss out on eating my favorite dishes? What ingredients should I buy? But change is hard! ” To make your vegetarian lifestyle work for your real world life you’ll need to make some mindset changes. You will learn about new ingredients, develop new skills, and add new recipes to your collection. All these new ideas and concepts can feel  overwhelming at ... Read more
  • Seven Steps To Becoming A Healthy Gourmet Chef A key to being able to keep true to your healthy eating commitment to yourself is having the skills you need to keep your meals enticing and satisfying. If you are bored with what you are preparing you are much more likely to succumb to temptation and fall back to your old eating pattern. As I was transitioning to a raw diet I came across some great advice that can apply no matter what your healthy eating commitments are. Alissa Cohen author of Living On Live ... Read more
  • Should I Eat This? What Is Healthy And How Do I Decide? Recently a reader commented about a recipe, asking if pasta was healthy because she heard that it wasn’t from someone. (Thank you BTW, we love questions and comments.) I thought it would be a good idea to talk about the recipes here and how to decide if any given recipe is right for you and your family. The choices you make depend on a number of considerations. First of all I like to think of a diet continuum. At one end is a diet heavy in animal products ... Read more
  • Sometimes You Just Have To “Wing It” Planning is important for successfully sticking to your vegan/vegetarian diet. Especially when you are a new vegetarian. It is too easy to go back to what is familiar if you are hungry and don’t know what to eat. Having a menu plan that accommodates your busy schedule is crucial. That said, it is also important to be able to wing it! For instance. Today we were out most of the day.  We had a late lunch out. Later that evening he got hungry and wanted a light ... Read more
  • Taking The Mystery Out Of The Raw Food Diet A plant-based diet can mean one of several things. For some it includes cooked food. For others it means eating foods as minimally processed as possible. This generally means raw, or living foods. Cooking food is processing food. Cooking changes your food and the way your body reacts to it. Many people choose raw or living foods to heal their body, to lose weight, to increase energy and to feel more in tune with the divine.  While there are more pre-packaged raw food items available all ... Read more