Marinated Veggies-A Quick Way To Add Variety To Your Menu

marinatedveggiesTo follow up on my post the other day about eating raw when you are too tired to figure out what to eat, here is how marinated veggies can be made quickly in many ways. Each is made by varying the veggies and the ingredients used in a vinaigrette dressing which is used as the marinade.

The marinade is as follows:

  • Oil- olive, sesame, walnut or other
  • Sour- use a vinegar or citrus juice
  • Salty- salt, soy, miso, etc
  • Sweet - fruit, mirin, coconut nectar, coconut sugar or other
  • Seasoning- Herbs, spices, garlic, nutritional yeast, sea weed such as dulse

You can find my basic recipe for marinated vegetables here.

The basic recipe is broccoli and an Italian vinaigrette. Here are just some of the variations you can try.

Try an Asian version by adding snow peas and green onions to the broccoli and toss with a dressing made with sesame oil, brown rice vinegar, grated or powdered ginger, soy sauce and mirin.

Mexican? How about corn cut off the cob, cherry tomatoes, avocado with lime juice, cilantro, cumin, and chipotle pepper powder or chili peppers. Here is one version.

Create curried veggies by adding curry powder and thyme.

Ever eat okra raw? Try it. Okra, corn, chopped tomatoes and red bell pepper with gumbo file and cayenne pepper.

You get the idea. This can be a side dish or even a main dish.

What ideas do you have for seasoning combinations?

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