Worried About Food Safety? – Grow Your Own Food

Food safety is a real concern. The news is full of stories about Monsanto and the growing incident of GMOs or Genetically Modified Organisms in our food.This is just one more thing added to the dangers of pesticides, unsanitary food handling, and the environmental impact of transporting food around the…

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Why This Site Is For Black Vegetarians

On April 15, 2013 Food For The Soul, The Online Home For Black Vegetarian, went live. You may wonder why this site is for BLACK vegetarians and not all vegetarians and who qualifies as a black vegetarian. Let me explain. Many black folks experience a feeling of aloneness that can…

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Black Vegetarians?

(Originally posted on Knowledge For Life blog) I first became a vegan vegetarian (I don’t eat any meat, or dairy, or eggs, or other animal products) back in 2007. As a result I lost weight and the nagging chronic health issues I was having diminished or disappeared. However, I…

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